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carolina chili recipe

Although there are nearly a dozen competing theories about the history of chili, there’s one thing we can agree on: it’s delicious. Like so many staple comfort food dishes, chili is one that is quite literally stewed in centuries of history and culinary traditions. Try our take on the Tex-Mex dish with this easy, slow-simmered North Carolina […]

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icons related to stick shift

Vehicles with manual transmissions offer plenty of benefits that are often overlooked. According to the New York Daily News, manual transmissions break down less frequently, offer better fuel economy, and are generally cheaper than comparable automatic models. Despite the positive perks, the seemingly steep learning curve of using a stick shift causes most people to […]

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graphic with icons representing different types of museums

Our country is full of countless museums and monuments to remember its rich history and noteworthy people, places, art, and events. However, there are always new stories to tell, and in 2020, these eight new museums are bringing a wide range of history, culture, art, and achievement to the forefront. National Museum of African American […]

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