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Big Question Mark

If ensuring a better financial future for your family was as easy as giving up one soda, candy bar, or coffee a day, would you do it? Paying for term life insurance can be that easy. If you’re not sure why you need a life insurance policy or how much your family could benefit from life insurance, take a few minutes to walk through the Life Coach. When you use the Life Coach, we will offer you a suggested amount of term life insurance that Direct has available, along with the reasoning behind it. Then, your quote is just one click away. Are you ready to give the Life Coach a try?

The Life Coach will ask…

1. Do you currently have life insurance? If you already have life insurance, you’ve made a wise decision. But, have you asked yourself lately –do I have enough? Purchasing additional term life insurance can offer you and your loved ones more financial security.

2. Are you married? Direct offers life insurance policies for you and your spouse, so you can both feel comfortable knowing you are helping to minimize, or possibly eliminate, the need for any out-of-pocket funeral expenses, depending on the amount of coverage you purchase. The National Funeral Directors Association estimates the average funeral cost for an adult at $7,775. Is this an out-of-pocket expense you or your spouse could easily afford?

3. Do you have kids? If so, how many? Life insurance can help make sure your child/children’s needs are taken care of. And, depending on the amount of coverage you purchase, your life insurance policy could also help them pay for college tuition.

4. Do you have any outstanding debt, like student loans, a car payment, or other credit loans? Could your loved ones afford to keep their house or car without you? Life insurance can help keep the roof over their heads and the wheels under their feet, or help pay off debts they owe.

5. In the future, which of the following would you like to do: help your kids pay for school, own a home, buy a car, or get out of debt? Life insurance benefits could provide your family with funds to help them reach or get closer to these specific goals, depending on the amount of coverage you purchase.

Apart from its financial benefits, term life insurance can provide you and your family with some peace-of-mind, which is a priceless feeling. Once you answer these questions, the Life Coach will suggest a coverage amount and a potential price per day. Then you can decide for yourself what is best for you and your family. Just a few minutes could help you better understand how purchasing an affordable life insurance policy could ensure a better financial future for your family. Ready to give it a try? Let’s get started!