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With the New Year now officially in full swing, you’re probably trying to think of ways you could be more financially savvy. But has life insurance crossed your mind? Believe it or not, purchasing a term life insurance policy might be a great financial decision for you and your family in 2016. Let’s talk about why a term life insurance policy could be right for you.

What Is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance policies have a pre-set amount of coverage that is guaranteed for a certain amount of time. The set amount of time, or “term,” can vary depending on your preference. Direct Auto Insurance offers several different coverage amounts available including $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, and $25,000 options. We also provide the option to insure other members of your family! Direct Auto Insurance offers policies for your spouse and your child (min. age 18 years old, max. age 60 years old).

Why Term Life Insurance Is a Good Idea

If your loved ones (like a spouse, parent, or child) are dependent on your income, would they need monetary help in the event of your death? A term life insurance policy can offer financial support to your loved ones for expenses like medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage payments, and even student loans. (Not sure if it’s right for you? Check out Direct’s Life Coach!)

Is Term Life Insurance Affordable?

Since term life insurance policies typically have lower premiums than permanent life insurance policies, this option can often be the more affordable choice. For example, a $15,000 policy from Direct for a person aged 18-50 could be as low as $167 per year—that’s about 46 cents a day! That means cutting out a few afternoon snacks or morning mochas every week is all it takes to pay for a term life insurance policy to help protect your loved ones.

Get Your Quote Today!

Getting yourself and your loved ones covered is probably cheaper than you think. If you want to start this year off on the right foot, get your Direct Auto life insurance quote today.


*Individual term life insurance by Direct General Life Insurance Company, Policy: 58TL02010713. Per day amount based on annual premium for insured 18-50 years old. Written consent may be required from named insured if a spouse or adult child. Policy terms and conditions apply. Premium and other terms will vary by state, the insured’s age, and the selected coverage.