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A young couple discusses term life insurance for married couples

When you and your spouse are newlyweds, your future together seems like an endless expanse of joy and opportunity. Every day is bliss!

But marriage comes with some uncomfortable conversations, too. Where will you live? What are you saving money for? When will you start a family? What if something happens to one of you? If you and your spouse are avoiding these topics, you aren’t alone.

One survey found that 44% of respondents found talking about personal finances challenging. Talking about death came in behind it at 38%.

Chances are, term life insurance—a combination of both of these topics—is the last thing you want to talk about as a newlywed couple, but it shouldn’t be. A term life insurance policy can be an affordable way to help establish a foundation for your family’s financial future.

If you’re uncertain what a term life insurance policy is, here’s a brief overview:

As its name suggests, term life insurance covers the policyholder for a certain period, or “term.” With a term life insurance policy, you can make sure that your loved ones receive financial support if you pass away. Term life insurance policies generally have low monthly payments, so they can be one of the most affordable ways to achieve financial peace of mind.

Why buy life insurance as a married couple?

1. Term life insurance is an act of love.

Term life insurance for married couples is a domestic double-play:

  • It’s a recognition of life’s realities and a way to show lasting care.
  • It’s a critical part of any financial plan. Term life insurance can meet the responsibility each partner has for the other’s financial security.

Put another way, a term life policy could help you maintain your wedding vows: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer… even if the unthinkable happens to you.

2. Term life insurance can be affordable for married couples.

While many factors influence rates, term life insurance is generally affordable. Pass on that fancy cup of coffee every morning, and you’re well on your way to paying for a term life policy.

Many people overestimate the cost of a term life insurance policy by as much as seven times its actual cost. With Direct Auto Insurance, you could get a life insurance policy for less than 75 cents a day*!

Even in divorce situations, a term life policy could still be affordable. In some divorce circumstances, especially those involving children, it’s critical.

3. Extra term life insurance can serve married couples well.

Some people are lucky enough to have life insurance coverage provided by their employer. If you’re one of them, you may still want to review your coverage, especially as your family grows. Your employer’s coverage may not be enough to provide support to your beneficiaries.

Term life insurance with Direct Auto Insurance offers a more personalized policy to meet the needs of you and your spouse, with features including:

  • 6-12 month term life insurance with up to $25,000 of coverage.
  • Term life policies for you, your spouse, and your adult children,** so you can insure other family members.
  • Guaranteed rate renewal for two years, regardless of your health.***

Take the “Direct” path to financial peace of mind.

Say “I do” to a fast and free term life insurance quote from Direct Auto Insurance! We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to figuring out term life insurance as a married couple, which is why we’re available online, over the phone, or in person. Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732) or visit your local Direct Auto Insurance to learn more.

*Per day amount based on annual premium for insured 18-50 years old with a $25,000 policy. Additional fee applies.

**Written consent required of children 18 and older.

**Policy terms and conditions apply. Individual term life insurance by Direct General Life Insurance Company, Nashville, TN. Policy 58TL02010713. Premium and other terms will vary by state, the insured’s age, and the selected coverage.