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Like Joe, our character in the video below, you may worry about how your family’s daily life would change if the unthinkable were to happen. That’s right – what would happen if you, and your income, were no longer around to help make ends meet? According to the 2015 Insurance Barometer Study, nearly ⅓ of Americans feel that the loss of the primary earner in the household would be felt within the month. Another ⅓ have no idea, says the report.

How could a term life insurance policy could help ease the financial strain on your family during an emotionally difficult time? Watch the video “What is Term Life Insurance?” to learn more and see how a policy brought peace of mind to our friend Joe.

Video Transcription

Why Joe Has Term Life Insurance

This is Joe and his family. Joe works hard to provide them with a better life than he had and he wants to protect them if the unthinkable should ever happen. That’s why Joe has term life insurance from Direct Auto Insurance.

How Joe’s Term Life Insurance Benefits Could Be Used

Should the unthinkable happen within the term of Joe’s policy, his family could receive $15,000 dollars to ease the financial strain in an already difficult time. This money could be used to help settle final medical and funeral expenses, or even help Joe’s family achieve their financial goals.

Low Cost of Term Life Insurance

With Direct Auto Insurance, Joe could get term life insurance for less than 50 cents a day. Joe doesn’t even need a medical examination! He just has to answer a few simple health questions. With term life insurance from Direct Auto Insurance, Joe can rest in peace knowing he’s helping to safeguard his family’s financial future.

To learn more about term life insurance, give us a call at 1-877-GO-DIRECT, go online to www.DirectGeneral.com, or visit a Direct Auto Insurance agent in your neighborhood!


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