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College Football Stadium

People love college football, and for good reason! The passion and school spirit swirling around any college football game on a crisp, fall Saturday afternoon can be infectious. Plus, tickets are usually cheaper for most college football games compared to NFL prices. Lucky for us, we have plenty of college football teams to support here in the Nashville area!

Want to get in on the action this college football season? Keep in mind these four budget-friendly tips to help you spend less on attending college football games around middle Tennessee:

  1. Know Where to Park
    Any event that draws a crowd is likely to come with pricey parking spots. Often, though, it isn’t necessary to pay those crazy $20 parking fees if you plan ahead. Do some research beforehand to find out where free parking is available. Then, get there early–availability is probably limited.
  2. Stay Home for the “Big” Games
    If the school’s rival is coming to town, or the visiting team has a large fan base, the tickets are likely to be more expensive–at least that’s the case with most of the larger schools on this list. The cheapest ticket options are usually non-conference games or matchups with a less popular opponent.
  3. Buy in Bulk
    Most schools offer discounted pricing when you buy a certain number of tickets. Vanderbilt, for example, offers group ticket prices for groups of 15 or more. MTSU offers several group pricing levels including a Football Party Tent Package for 20, 50, or 100 people. Call the school’s ticket office to find out more information.
  4. Tailgate before the Game
    It’s really the more the merrier when it comes to tailgating. When you plan a potluck-style tailgate with a large group of people, each person only needs to bring a dish or two for everyone to be able to enjoy delicious finger foods for hours. Did someone say buffalo chicken dip? It’s a much cheaper (and more fun) option than eating in the stadium or at a restaurant before the game. There are tons of tailgate recipes under $10. If you really want to go the extra mile for your tailgate, we’d suggest checking out 5 Affordable Tailgating Party Ideas and 41 Tailgating Tips That Are Borderline Genius.

How do you save money during college football season? Comment below to share your best tips and let us know who you’ll be cheering on this fall!


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