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We know what you’re thinking, there’s a holiday for everything so why should I pay attention to National Insurance Awareness Day? Not only is it a freedom and a privilege to be a captain of the road, auto insurance is required by law. Making sure you’re safe on the road is just as important as putting the protection you put into your health, home and your life in general. You are precious cargo! Auto insurance looks out for you and any unexpected mishaps that might be thrown in your path as a driver on the open road.

In fact, just being on the road is a risk. According to AAA, an average of 280 hours is spent in the car each year by American drivers.  Just think of how many hours that is in a life time! Since a majority of people spend their life traveling in a car, versus on a plane or train, the risk for unforeseen events is higher, USA Today reports.

June 28th is the perfect opportunity to make sure you’re protecting yourself on the open road and getting the most bang for your buck with the right auto insurance policy. To help bring awareness to drivers, Direct Auto Insurance is offering free policy reviews at our stores. Here are five questions to figure out if your current insurance policy is the right fit.

  1. What has changed with my vehicles or drivers? Did I buy or sell a car? Should I change my deductible?
  2. Is my current rate accurate for the number of miles I drive?
  3. Is my payment plan affordable with any recent changes in my life?
  4. Are there any other discounts that I could qualify for to help lower my rate?
  5. Do I need any additional coverage, or am I overlooking anything?

National Insurance Awareness Day is the perfect reason to celebrate potential savings with a free policy review. Get to know your local agent so that both of you can work together to figure out what works best for you! Come see us at one of our locations at Direct Auto Insurance or call us at 1-877-463-4732 to speak to one of our licensed agents.