| Auto Insurance

Think paying for insurance takes a lot of work? Think again. Whether it’s for car, motorcycle or life insurance, making a payment doesn’t have to be time-consuming or inconvenient. In fact, the days of writing checks and shelling out money for postage can disappear when your insurance is from Direct Auto. We know our customers all have different needs when it comes to making payments. We want to help out by making paying for insurance a little easier. Here are six hassle-free ways you can pay for your insurance with Direct Auto.

1. Auto-Pay by Card

We know you’ve got a lot of things on your mind, and auto insurance isn’t always at the top of the list. That’s we offer you the opportunity to set up automatic payments. Just enter your credit or debit card information into our secure online payment tool one time, and you’ll automatically be charged every month. No card? Let us help you out! Apply for a prepaid debit card to get started.

2. Pay by Month: Credit or Debit

Want to take it one month at a time? Pay on your terms by using your credit or debit card every month to make your payments in our secure online payment tool. Just enter your information online, and with a couple of clicks, your bill is paid.

3. Pay by Texting*

You use your cell phone every day anyway, so why not use it to make an insurance payment? You don’t even need to call us; just register your payment data with us and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll send you a monthly text reminder when it’s time to pay. When you get it, all you have to do is text us back with the letters “DA” and we’ll take care of the transaction using your payment data. The transaction will be transmitted and posted in real time.

4. Pay with Cash

Don’t want to pay by card or phone? You don’t have to. Direct Auto lets customers pay cash for their insurance. Just visit a representative at your neighborhood Direct Auto location to pay by cash, or, see if there are alternative payment locations  near you if you do not live near a Direct Auto location.

5. Pay by E-check

If you want to pay directly from your bank’s checking or savings account, log in to our easy-to-use electronic check payment tool using your policy number. Just click here to get started.

6. Pay at a Direct Kiosk

With our Direct on the Spot™ kiosks, we’re revolutionizing how car insurance payments are made. Direct’s kiosks are located at the places you visit most, like grocery stores, shopping malls, gas stations, and even car dealerships. You can pay with cash, a credit card, or a debit card, and in minutes you’ll walk away with your insurance payment made. No bank, no Internet connection, and no insurance agent needed.

Pay Your Way

Ready to set your own terms and start paying for insurance your way? Meet with a representative at your local store and we’ll help you set up a customized insurance payment plan**. You choose the date you’ll make your regular payments, the amount you want to pay, and your down payment. Explore your options and start paying the easy way with Direct Auto today.



*Pay-by-text services provided by FirsTech, Inc., which is not an affiliate of Direct. Standard messaging rates apply. You can find more information about FirsTech, including their privacy policy at firstechinc.com.

**Not all pay plans are available in all states and are subject to terms and conditions.