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a car embarks on a journey with roadside assistance at the ready

If you’ve been driving long enough, you’re bound to get a flat tire, dead battery, or lock your keys in your car eventually. It’s all a part of being a driver. So, what do you when these hiccups happen? If you’ve got an emergency roadside assistance plan, you don’t have to think twice. Simply call the 24/7 service number, and help will be on the way!

But without a roadside plan, you’d be dealing with the situation on your own.

Roadside assistance isn’t standard on most auto insurance policies, so you might think you’re saving money by going without this coverage when in reality, it could be just the opposite! Roadside assistance plans from Direct Auto only cost a few dollars per month, but the services they cover and peace of mind they offer are worth so much more. So, what does roadside assistance cover?

Keep reading as we break down the costs of common car problems and see how our roadside assistance plan compares.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Did you know that roadside assistance plans from Direct Auto only cost a few dollars a month? You never know when you’ll get a flat tire, lock yourself out of your car, or experience a breakdown, so this coverage can be a real lifesaver. What’s roadside assistance worth to you?

It’s important to understand that roadside assistance is not insurance. Plans usually cover labor and service fees only. For example, if your car battery dies, roadside assistance would cover the cost of the jumpstart. If you need a brand new battery, roadside assistance would cover the battery installation cost, but you’d have to pay for the battery yourself. Still, a roadside assistance plan can make a big difference in the total price you pay.

Let’s take a closer look at the services Direct Auto’s roadside assistance program covers:

24-Hour Emergency Towing

Towing service costs vary depending on the type of vehicle you have, distance to the nearest garage, your exact location, time of day, and whether certain services are needed. If you don’t have roadside assistance, an emergency tow is not cheap. Just the tow hookup alone can cost $85! Your bill could cost well over $100 if you’re stranded more than five miles from a service station or if your vehicle needs to get towed on a highway. Yikes!

  • Cost of a local tow (up to 5 miles): $160
  • Cost of a 6-month roadside assistance plan: A few dollars a month

A Flat Tire Change

What would you do if you got a flat tire and had no spare? Auto insurance doesn’t cover flat tires, but if you have roadside assistance on your policy, you’re in luck. A roadside assistance tech can come to your rescue to replace your tire – you’d just need to pay the cost of the replacement tire, which is usually around $100.

If you have a spare but no clue how to change a tire, roadside assistance can help with that too! Remember: spare tires are for temporary use. Roadside assistance will help you drive safely in the meantime, but you should get your spare replaced as soon as possible.

  • Cost of labor and service fees: $120-$140
  • Cost of a 6-month roadside assistance plan: A few dollars a month

A Car Lockout

We’ve all been there, so if you’re wondering, “Does roadside assistance cover keys locked in my car?” the answer is yes! That’s good news because the average cost of an auto lockout service is around $95-$120. If you have a remote entry key fob or a high-security car key, you can expect to pay more – $120 to $400 more! How does Direct Auto’s roadside assistance plan stack up against these lockout rates?

  • Cost of an auto lockout service: $95-$150
  • Cost of a 6-month roadside assistance plan: A few dollars a month

A Battery Jumpstart

Oops! You forgot to turn off your car’s interior dome light last night, and now your battery is completely drained. Luckily, roadside assistance will come to your house! How much could it cost for an emergency battery jumpstart? Service and labor fees can cost up to $140, and if you need to replace the battery, it will cost more.

A roadside assistance pro can give you a battery jumpstart or even install a new battery for you – you’d just need to pay the cost of a new battery. A standard car battery costs around $50-$120 to replace, while a premium battery runs around $90-$200.

  • Cost of a battery jumpstart: $120-$140
  • Cost of a 6-month roadside assistance plan: A few dollars a month

Fuel Delivery

What would you do if you ran out of gas, had no money, and the nearest station was miles away? You’d be on your own unless you had a roadside assistance plan. Roadside assistance can help with emergency fuel delivery, plus fluid delivery if you run out of coolant or brake fluid. Usually, a roadside assistance pro will deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station where you can fill up and get on your way.

  • Cost of labor and service fees: $120-$140
  • Cost of a 6-month roadside assistance plan: A few dollars a month

Get Roadside Assistance for the Ultimate Peace of Mind

Roadside assistance is a wise investment for every driver, regardless of your vehicle’s age or history of breakdowns. You could quickly end up shelling out hundreds of dollars for these services if you don’t have a roadside assistance plan to come to your rescue.

With a roadside assistance plan from Direct Auto for a few dollars per month, your plan would essentially pay for itself after one use!

To learn more about the benefits and services you’ll receive as a member of Direct Auto’s roadside assistance program or to add this coverage to your auto insurance policy, give us a call at 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732) or visit a Direct location near you. Our friendly agents can go over in more detail what a roadside assistance plan covers and answer all your insurance-related questions.


*Roadside Assistance is not insurance and is administered through NationSafeDriver, Boca Raton, FL, which is not affiliated with the Direct General Group. Terms and conditions apply.