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You deserve the best, but in the insurance world what does that actually mean? We put together a simple checklist of what you should expect from your insurance company. How does your insurer stack up?

We think you deserve an insurance company that…

  • Offers coverage that fits your needs, whether that’s state minimum requirements or a little bit more. Perhaps you have an older vehicle, rarely drive, and really only need liability coverage or your state required minimum; or, maybe you’ve just leased a new car, go on road trips often, and need comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and even a Roadside Assistance plan. Whether you need a bundle of coverages or just a bit, your insurance company should offer the amount that’s right for you.
  • Helps you customize your payment/s to fit your budget. Not all insurance companies will help you adjust your payments to better fit your pay cycle. With Direct Auto Insurance, for example, you can choose the date you make your payment, how often you pay, and how much you want to initially put down.*
  • Makes it easy to get in touch with them. Sometimes you want in-person, one-on-one attention from an agent. At others, all you have time for is a quick call or email. Your insurance company should make it easy for you to get ahold of them online, in-store, or over the phone—whichever is most convenient for you. Some companies only offer one or two of these. Direct Auto Insurance offers all three.
  • Works to better your community. You deserve a company that understands the needs of the communities it serves. With over 400 store locations across the southeast U.S. and Texas, Direct Auto Insurance is actively involved in its neighborhoods, holding fundraisers for United Way, Toys for Tots, and The Boys and Girls Club. What’s more, Direct Auto Insurance is passionate about delivering pleasant surprises like catered Thanksgiving Meals to deserving families, free lunches for teachers, and doing simple, random acts of kindness!
  • Understands that no one is perfect. Life is full of bumps. Car insurance shouldn’t be one. We can’t speak for other insurance companies, but here at Direct Auto Insurance we welcome all drivers to apply for coverage, even those that may be considered high risk, may not be accepted by other companies, or who are in need of SR-22 certifications.
  • Actively works with you to keep your rates low, regardless of your credit and driving history. As one of life’s costs that shouldn’t be avoided, your car insurance should be affordable, and your insurance company should help make it as affordable as possible for you.
  • Knows how to loosen up. If you’re a fan of dancing moms and dads, random acts of kindness, and free stuff, you’ll find that there’s always fun stuff happening at Direct Auto Insurance, most of which you can take part in just by following Direct Auto Insurance on Facebook!
  • Offers more than just car insurance. When you can get more of what you need in one place, life gets a little easier. At Direct Auto Insurance, we offer life and motorcycle insurance, but also a driving app for your mobile phone that promotes safe driving in a fun and interactive way that could help you improve your safe driving skills.

So, how does your car insurance provider stack up against this list? If you’re not getting everything you want from your insurance company, perhaps you should consider making a change. Start by getting your free quote from Direct Auto Insurance.

*Not all pay plans are available in all states and are subject to terms and conditions.