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A life-altering emergency could happen in a matter of moments, turning your world (and the world of your loved ones) upside down. And while there is nothing you can really do to avoid accidents and emergencies, there are steps you can take to help make sure you are prepared. For example, if you experienced an emergency at home, such as a power outage or fire, a disaster kit with food, water, first aid supplies, and self-powered flashlights and radios would be helpful.

When you have an emergency on the road, it is also helpful to have lifelines you can access to get you the help you need. At Direct Auto, we have three products that stay with you on the road and help account for the unexpected:

Roadside Assistance

You’re driving home from a friend’s house late at night. Minus the occasional taxi cab and city bus, the roads are practically empty. You’re a few miles from home when you hear a loud POP. One of your rear tires is busted. What do you do?

Direct’s 24/7 roadside assistance program covers many types of problems on the road. You could run out of gas, lock your keys in the car, run over a large nail and pop your tire, or the car could have some kind of mechanical breakdown. We provide jump starts, emergency towing day or night, gas/fluid delivery, lockout assistance, mechanical help, and even map service. Want to know the best part about the program? It practically pays for itself after one use.

Term Life Insurance

Your family depends on your income in order to keep the roof over their heads and groceries in the fridge. Should the unthinkable happen, could your family afford these necessities on their own?

To account for a worst case scenario, we offer affordable term life insurance. In the event that you pass away or lose an insured loved one, our term life insurance policies can provide peace of mind. Term life insurance could pay for funeral/burial costs, other final expenses, or help replace lost income. Our policies feature guaranteed renewal options and flexible payment plans to coincide with your paydays, plus you are not required to undergo any kind of medical examination to qualify (just answer a few simple health questions).

Emergency Protection Plans

You’re in a pretty rough car accident and have to spend a few days in the hospital. On top of dealing with your injuries, you have to worry about missing work and paying a babysitter to watch your two children while you’re away. How would you pay for these expenses?

For more serious incidents on the road, we offer our emergency protection service. An Emergency Protection Plan could fill in some of the gaps that may exist in your auto and health insurance policies (such as deductibles) and help pay for otherwise non-reimbursed expenses, like the cost of daycare for your children during a hospital stay.

No insurance product can prevent something going wrong on the road. But with Direct’s emergency auto products, you can rest easy knowing that when you encounter trouble out there,  we will be there to help you get your life back to normal.