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Green clothing? Check. Group of friends that’s ready to celebrate? Check. Safe ride home? CHECK! From Broadway to Demonbreun, there’s no shortage of St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Nashville. When you’re making your game plan for March 17th, make sure you plan your ride home, too. You may be surprised to find that there are plenty of ways to get home safely aside from Uber and Lyft. Check it out: these six great services are six non-negotiable reasons to avoid drinking and driving on St. Patrick’s Day, or just plain avoid getting behind the wheel on such a busy pedestrian holiday. Partygoers and sober celebrators alike can use these alternative ride services to get from point A to B.

1. AAA

AAA teamed up with Budweiser in 1998 to create the Tow to Go program, which you can use whether you’re an AAA member or not! This program will use a tow truck to transport you and your vehicle home (or somewhere safe) within 10 miles of your pick-up location. Tow to Go will be available on St. Patrick’s Day weekend from Friday, March 17th until 6 a.m. Sunday, March 19th.

2. Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

If you’re going to be involved with the Sheriff in any way on St. Patrick’s Day, try to make sure it’s through their Sober Ride program. For a few years now, sheriff’s office employees have volunteered their time to help people get home safely on major holidays when impaired driving tends to increase, like New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day. Check out the designated pick-up spots before you head to the party.

3. Guardian Angel Driver Service

Some people prefer riding in the comfort of their own car, and the Guardian Angel Driver Service is perfect for them. Give the service a call at 615-383-8283 to schedule your driver in advance, and then head out for a night on the town! One major plus? You can have your guardian angel run small errands while you’re out having fun!

4. Transportation Apps

You’re probably familiar with Uber and Lyft, but another option for your St. Patrick’s Day adventure is Dryver. While Dryver also has an easy-to-use app, they offer services that others don’t. Dryver will connect you with a personal driver to chauffeur you around in your own car for as long as you need, so you won’t be requesting new rides at every stop of the night. Their motto is, “We drive your car, so you don’t have to®.” If you’re not one for planning ahead, you can use Dryver’s pickup service to get both you and your car picked up and taken home safely for just $25.

5. Taxis

Yes people, real taxis are still a thing! If Uber surge pricing skyrockets (as it tends to do on major holidays), you can walk out of almost any restaurant or bar in Nashville and find a line of cabs waiting for you. In the off chance taxis aren’t circling wherever you are, a quick Internet search will give you a list of phone numbers you can call. If you’re planning ahead, save these numbers in your cell now.

  • Music City Cab: 615-865-4100
  • Nashville Cab: 615-333-3333
  • Yellow Cab Nashville: 615-256-0101

6. A Friend or Relative

Even if it feels like it, everyone you know isn’t partying on St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re in a bind and need a ride, call a friend, sibling, parent, or classmate. People may not love getting a 2 a.m. phone call, but it beats a call from jail, or worse.

If you’re the designated driver, three cheers for you! While your friends will surely appreciate your awesome act of kindness, you’ll want to take a few extra steps to stay safe on the road too. Keep an eye out for unassuming pedestrians and cars that swerve or suddenly speed up or slow down. If you see car that could be endangering the lives of others, pull over and dial 911.

Are you partying in Nashville this St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you find yourself in Printer’s Alley, Five Points, or Midtown, plan for a sober ride in advance. With your transportation already mapped out, you won’t be scrambling for a last-minute ride or even consider drinking and driving. The consequences of a DUI/DWI simply aren’t worth it.

So how are you planning on celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day in Nashville? Whether you like to be out and about or prefer to celebrate at home, tell us about your celebration plans in a comment below!