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At Direct Auto Insurance, we offer a total of 12 discounts, six of which are what we call policy discounts or policy-level discounts (vehicle discounts and driver discounts are other types of discounts). Whether you’re purchasing a new policy from Director you’re renewing your policy after being a faithful customer for years, there could be policy-level discounts available for you. Take a look at the following policy-level discounts:

Homeowner Discount

If you or your spouse owns a home (as opposed to renting) and it is also where you keep your car(s), you could save up to 15% on your auto insurance. The discount applies to homes, townhomes, and condominiums, but does not extend to mobile homes.

Welcome Back Discount

If you used to be insured with Direct Auto, but you haven’t had a policy with us during the last six months, then you could be eligible to save up to 6% on your auto insurance. For people that are in between insurance or ready to shop around for a new policy and carrier, this is a great opportunity to cut costs.

Renewal Discount

If you’re a current Direct policyholder and you’ve had no lapse in coverage during the prior 12 months, you could be eligible to save up to 20% on your auto insurance when you renew your policy with us within 7 to 10 days of the expiration date. A great incentive for diligent insurance holders, this discount is all the more reason to stay on schedule. The renewal period does vary by state, but has no effect on the discount.

Prior Coverage Discount

If you’ve been with another insurance company for at least six months and have not had more than 90 days of lapse in previous coverage, you could be eligible to save up to 25% on your auto insurance. To qualify, your prior insurance company cannot be affiliated in the Direct General Group of Companies. The lapse periods may vary by state, but the discount does not change.

Multi-Product Discount

If you purchase one of our active qualifying products in addition to your auto policy, you could be eligible to save up to 5% on your auto insurance. Qualifying products vary by state, but usually include individual term life insurance, an emergency protection plan, and sometimes roadside assistance. Check with your local agent to see which products qualify for the discount in your state.

Affinity Discount

If you’re an active member of an organization (these typically include certain employers, membership groups, etc.) that Direct has identified as qualifying for our affinity discount program, you could be eligible to save up to 5% on your auto insurance. Call your Direct Auto agent at 1-877-463-4732 for a full list of affinity organizations to see if you qualify for this discount.

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