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Save some extra cash this summer by cutting back on your grocery bill with these tips.

Summer is right around the corner! When school’s out, your kids (and all their friends!) may be cleaning out the pantry and fridge faster than you can fill it. Don’t let them eat you out of house and home – cut your grocery expenses with these handy tips! With pointers to help you save time and hacks to help you save money, Direct Auto Insurance is here to help you save in so many ways!

To save time… 

Take advantage of curbside pick-up! By ordering your groceries online, you can avoid navigating busy grocery stores and waiting in long lines. Plus, you can easily compare prices on different products as you shop, all from the comfort of your home. With curbside pick-up, you can make sure you’re getting the cheapest options without wasting time walking up and down aisles to compare price tags.

Curbside pickup is available at Walmart, H-E-B, and Kroger, and could be available at your local grocery store too. Just ask!

Organize your list! You can spend a lot of time wandering around the grocery store, ticking items off a messy list. Make your life easier by organizing your list according to sections of the grocery store. For example, group the produce together, the frozen food together, and so on! Take it one step further by planning your grocery list according to the weekly meals you plan to cook. These cheap, kid-approved meals are perfect for summer break!

Bring a helper! Whether it’s a spouse or an older child, dividing and conquering at the grocery store can save you a ton of time. Split your organized shopping list up and get to it. You can even turn this chore into a fun competition by seeing who can gather their items

To save money…

Use smartphone apps! Is there anything your smartphone can’t do? There are a variety of applications that can help you save money on your grocery shopping. Apps like Southern Savers, Favado, and Walmart Savings Catcher can help you  best deals and earn cash back on your purchases.

Delegate the grocery shopping! It’s easy to overspend at the grocery store, where there is something new and delicious at every turn. If you tend to give into these cravings, write up a list of everything you need and assign this chore to someone else – a child who’s off school, perhaps? They’ll be in charge of sticking to the list and you can relax, knowing you’re only getting what you really need.

Be a strategic shopper! Did you know that the most expensive items are usually placed at eye-level in a grocery store? Don’t fall for this trick! When you’re shopping, make sure you check out the products at the very bottom and tiptop of the shelves. The best price might be hiding!

These aren’t the only ways to save money this summer. To learn more ways you can save on car insurance, call 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732).

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