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Lazy summer nights spent listening to the crickets chirp and occasional buzz of the streetlight are great, but too many of those can leave you feeling restless and itching for something to do. Save yourself and your neighbors from summertime boredom by bringing the community together for a family friendly block party. This guide has everything you need to know to throw a great party your whole neighborhood can enjoy without draining your wallet. 

Get Organized
Recruit your neighbors to help. Have a meeting to divide up duties and decide what day to have the event, the time, and the location. Have someone check with city hall to see if a permit will be necessary to block off the street, play music, etc. (Some cities require these permits but they are usually free.) Once the details are squared away, send out the invitations to everyone in the neighborhood (helpful hint: email is free).

The Best and Cheapest Way to Feed a Crowd? Potluck.
Advertise the block party as a potluck so guests will bring a dish or two for partygoers to share. PerfectPotluck.com is a handy tool you can use to organize who will bring what. Don’t forget to include drinks so everyone stays hydrated in the summer heat. And if you really want to spice things up, add some friendly competition to the event by including a sweet summer recipe cook-off.

Set the Mood
Good music can mean the difference between a blast or a bust. A professional amplified speaker system is nice to have (if you have a permit to use it), but you don’t need it. Round up some stereos or computer speakers, use an auxiliary cord to plug in your smartphone or iPod, pick a playlist (or try one of these Pandora Party Stations), and let loose.

Fun for All
With the street blocked off and party buzzing, kids may just be happy to play outside with each other. But it’s important to have activities they can take part in, too. Check out these 10 DIY backyard games for some inexpensive ideas to keep the little ones laughing.

Don’t Forget to Clean Up
Ask the group of volunteers you recruited earlier to pitch in and help clean up the area after everyone has left. You don’t want to ruin the good neighborly vibes you just created by leaving a mess.

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