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Insurance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many factors to consider that could affect your bottom line in a big way. Check out these tips for saving money on insurance, and you could get covered for less.

Evaluating Life Insurance Options: Term vs. Whole
If you’re thinking about getting life insurance, you’ve probably asked yourself whether it’s better to go with term life insurance or whole life insurance—it’s one of the most common questions among life insurance shoppers. When it comes to saving money, it may be cheaper to choose term life insurance. Whole life products tend to have higher premiums, according to Consumer Reports. A term life insurance policy has no cash value component, which is the primary reason term premiums are much lower.

Factors That May Affect Your Car Insurance Quote
There are many myths out there about how your car insurance quote is determined. For example, many people think that red cars cost more to insure, or that older drivers will automatically have higher premiums. Neither is true. However, your car insurance quote can be affected by your car’s age, make, model, engine size, and body type. These are some of the most common traits that insurance providers evaluate when determining your premium. Get the full story with our breakdown of car insurance myths debunked and a list of factors that could increase your insurance rates.

Getting Discounts Across the Board
When it comes to paying less for insurance, you could qualify for many discounts you may not even know about! Direct Auto Insurance offers several different discounts. For example, did you know that Direct has discounts for renewing your insurance policy? (Up to 20%, in fact!) Other discounts include a senior citizen discount, a discount for covering more than one vehicle on your policy, and even a multiproduct discount. To see if you could qualify, check out the full list of Direct discounts.

How Do You Save?
You could save with Direct! Call, click, or come in to talk to a friendly agent about ways to save money on your insurance policy.

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