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Hand drawing whiteboard images of different places where roadside assistance could come in handy

If you’re a parent, here’s a fun fact you’ll love. According to a study shared by U.S. News, two in three teens don’t know how to change a flat tire, check or change the oil, or jumpstart a battery. On second thought, do you? Do all of your family members? While you may be a pretty great driver like our character in this video, Isabel, you never know what could happen while out on the road. Thankfully, with a Roadside Assistance plan from Direct Auto Insurance you’re not alone! Watch “What is Roadside Assistance?” to see how Isabel relies on her Roadside Assistance benefits from Direct!

Video Transcription

Isabel’s Roadside Assistance Program

Isabel’s a pretty good driver. Isabel’s trips don’t always go as smoothly as she had planned. When Isabel has a flat tire, runs out of gas or other essential fluids, loses her keys or locks herself out of her car, Isabel relies on her Roadside Assistance program from Direct Auto Insurance.

Day or night, Isabel can call Direct’s 24-hour emergency road service number and help will arrive in no time. As a member of Direct’s Roadside Assistance program, Isabel doesn’t have to worry when she’s out on the open road, running errands, or heading to work.

Roadside Assistance Helps Isabel Get Back on the Road

If a problem pops up, she’s not alone. Direct will be there to help her get back on the road and back on schedule.

To learn more about Roadside Assistance, give us a call at 1-877-GO-DIRECT, go online to www.DirectGeneral.com, or visit a Direct Auto Insurance agent in your neighborhood.

*Roadside Assistance and Emergency Protection Plans is through NationSafeDriver, Boca Raton, FL
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