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It’s that time again, shoppers! Once the country’s Thanksgiving turkey-induced slumber has worn off, it’s time for the craziest retail shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Shoppers nationwide have been known to line up outside stores at the crack of dawn to get the best deals on everything from TVs to toys. Whether you’re braving the crowds on Black Friday or avoiding them like the plague, remember that there are plenty of ways you can save on everyday expenses year-round. Skip the lines and keep these tips in mind during the holiday season and beyond!

Be Grocery Shopping Savvy

Wary of buying a generic brand? Don’t think supermarket-brand foods are as high-quality or as tasty as their name brand counterparts? Think again. Consumer Reports did a number of studies on store brands vs. name brands, and came up with some interesting findings. A price study showed that buying store brands saved shoppers an average of 30%. (Plus, most grocers have a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with a product.)

Additionally, lots of generic grocery store brands won out over big name brands in taste tests and nutrition comparisons, including Albertsons vs. Heinz ketchup, Target vs. Skippy peanut butter, Jewel vs. Ore-Ida fries, and Kellogg’s vs. Stop & Shop cereal. Often the difference between name-brand and generic is only a few dollars, but apply that difference to 10 items in your shopping cart, and those savings can really start to add up.

Find Online Savings

A savvy online shopper could save a lot using online coupons if they know where to look. For a wide variety of discounts, take advantage of coupons from providers like Groupon, which offer discounts on everything from groceries to restaurant visits to travel fares. Major supermarkets like Walmart and Publix also have printable online coupons available for shoppers to clip and bring in to stores.

Check for Insurance Discounts

Have you double-checked your insurance rates lately? Cheap motorcycle insurance rates and auto insurance could get even cheaper when you talk to your insurance agent and find out what kinds of offers are available. You could be eligible for driver and vehicle discounts like a safe driver discount, mileage discount, or homeowner’s discounts.*

Save Big on Car Tune-Ups

Does your car need an oil change? How about new windshield wipers? Is it time to replace your cabin air filter? Use DIY car care tips to get the simple stuff done yourself, and you could save money in the long run by avoid major repairs. If you do need the help of a pro, check around town to find where you can get free car repairs and services. Some of those services accompany simple purchases that you might be making anyway, like a new battery or oil change.

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