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JJ points out Direct's minimum limit policy

Not sure if you can afford the auto insurance or get all the coverage you need? Maybe your car is older and you can’t justify spending the money? On the other hand, maybe you drive a newer car and you don’t think you can afford auto insurance after your new purchase. No matter what stage, or mileage, you are in with your car, if you are having trouble paying the bills, we get it. Having enough money to make your monthly payment can make you feel like you’ve hit a speed bump or a dead end. Direct Auto Insurance’s JJ Hightail wants you to know there is a different route you can take. Direct is there for you every step of the way during your journey on the open road with your car.  We understand that sometimes all you need is the required state minimum car insurance in order to stay covered and avoid penalties or fines.*

What happens if I don’t have auto insurance?

Most states require auto insurance. Each state has their own requirements and penalties that could consist of expensive fines and even a suspension of your driver’s license and/or your vehicle tags. What’s the bottom line? It’s against the law and could end up costing you more money, so it’s important to know your limits and find out if you are in compliance. The cost of paying for insurance is cheaper than the cost of not having insurance if you get into a wreck or get caught without proof of your insurance. The fines and damages from going uninsured are costly, and not worth it!

How can Direct Auto protect me and make my auto insurance affordable?

Our Liability coverage, or our minimum limit policies, offers our customers the lowest required amount of insurance mandated in your state.  For less than what many folks pay for a weekly tank of gas, you could make sure you are both legal and protected.

How do I know what the minimum coverage is for my state?

Prices and minimum coverages vary by state, so we encourage you to check with your local store or the Direct Auto Insurance Learning Center to find out your state’s requirements and your state specific Direct Liability offer.

How can I get Liability Coverage today to make sure I don’t get penalized?

Direct offers cheap auto insurance with quality protection, making auto insurance possible for anyone. Call 1-877-463-4732, click www.directauto.com, or come by one of our many store locations for a free no-obligation quote. At Direct Auto Insurance, you get a low rate, flexible payment plans and the great services you want, regardless of your driving history.

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