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If you had to pick one word to describe what makes your auto insurance policy great, what would it be? If you’re a Direct Auto Insurance customer, the word FLEXIBLE might do the trick!

Not only do you get to choose from convenient payment options, like with MyAccount, but you get to pick the payment date and payment schedule that works for you. And when combined with our customizable payment plans, low rates, and low down payments, you get an auto insurance policy that will bend and stretch to fit your needs.

Get a quote now and experience the calming convenience of a Direct auto insurance policy!

Flexibility Infographic

At Direct Auto Insurance, we’re all about being flexible.

Here are just a few ways our customers experience flexibility at Direct:

How You Pay
You choose the most convenient payment option for you:

  • By text
  • Online
  • At your local store
  • Over the phone
  • With the DirectDrive app

When You Pay
You know your schedule better than anyone–when you get paid, when your bills are due, etc.–so:

  • Pick your payment date
  • Pick your payment schedule

What You Pay
Sometimes finding room in your budget to pay for the things you need, like car insurance, is hard. But with Direct’s:

  • Customizable payment plans
  • Low rates
  • And low down payments

We make it easy to get the coverage you need.