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Roadside Assistance and the Highway of Troubles

We’ve all found ourselves on the Highway of Troubles a time or two. Like that time you unknowingly drove over a rusty nail at just the right angle, deflating your tire in a matter of minutes. Or when you believed your teenage son when he insisted he filled up the tank after you let him borrow the car, only to find yourself stranded miles from home moments later. (He obviously thought you were asking about last week, mom!)

With our super affordable Roadside Assistance Program at Direct Auto Insurance, there’s no need to fear having an incident on the Highway of Troubles again! Locked out? No problem! Need a tow? We’ll hook you up! We might not carry a bullwhip or wear a fedora, but you can still count on us to come to your rescue. Best of all? The plan pays for itself after just one use.

Check out the infographic below to see all the services you’ll receive as a member of the Roadside Assistance Program.

Roadside Assistance Infographic


*Roadside Assistance and Emergency Protection Plans are not insurance and are administered through NationSafeDriver, Boca Raton, FL which is not affiliated with the Direct General Group