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Man whistling and driving his car, oblivious to a potential car accident

You never planned on being in a car accident, but then it happened–you were driving home from work when your Toyota Camry was rear-ended by a large truck. In a matter of seconds, you became one of the more than 840,000 people who are injured each year in a vehicle crash, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You also got a nasty case of whiplash, leaving you unable to work and in the hospital for a few days. Yikes!

Watch our video, “What is an Emergency Protection Plan?” to see how an Emergency Protection Plan from Direct Auto Insurance can provide drivers in situations similar with useful benefits and peace of mind.

Video Transcription

A Major Accident

One day, Joe was driving to work when he was involved in a major accident. His car was damaged and it had to be towed from the scene, and Joe had to be picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Under Financial Pressure

Fortunately, Joe wasn’t hurt too bad but he had to stay in the hospital for one week before he could go home and return to work, which meant Joe didn’t get paid for one week.

How would Joe pay for his rent? Get his daughter to school? Keep groceries in the fridge?

Joe’s Emergency Protection Plan

Thankfully Joe had an Emergency Protection Plan from Direct Auto Insurance. This plan paid him cash for each day he was in the hospital, which Joe used to help cover his rent and pay for some of the days his daughter spent with the babysitter while he was away.

The plan also reimbursed him for a portion of his out-of-pocket medical expenses and his ambulance ride.

Other Typical Plan Benefits

While plans vary state to state, the emergency protection plan includes a hospital stay benefit, reimbursement for some medical expenses, an accidental death and dismemberment benefit, ambulance assistance, mechanical first aid, rental reimbursement, and trip planning services and travel discounts.

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