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Spilled milk. Burnt cookies. Crashing your bicycle. Showing up late. Accidents happen! What do you do when a car accident happens to you? This infographic offers helpful tips for handling one of life’s many mishaps.

Filing a Claim with Direct Auto Insurance

What to Do After an Accident

A car accident can be a frightening experience. Filing the insurance claim afterward can also be a stressful process. However, knowing what to do after you have had an accident and what to expect from the claims process could help decrease your anxiety. Take the time to gather the right information and then let your claims representative help you with the rest. An accident is no fun, but here are some simple steps for handling it when it happens.

After an Accident

  • Take a deep breath and turn on your hazard lights. Clear the road if the cars are drivable and you can do so safely.
  • Check for injuries. Then, call 9-1-1 if someone needs medical attention or to request police assistance. The operator will provide you with useful information for handling the emergency.
  • If you have a camera phone, snap pictures of the damage on both vehicles. Be sure to include the license plates and note the time of day and weather conditions.
  • Exchange information: driver and passenger names, addresses and phone numbers, car information, insurance carrier and policy number, and police report number, if applicable.
  • Do not leave the scene until cleared to do so.
  • Do not get out of your car unless it is safe to do so.
  • Do not move an injured person.
  • Be polite, but do not apologize or admit your fault.

Filing a Claim & What You Need


  • Your Direct General policy number
  • Accident details and Police Report, if applicable
  • The names and contact information for drivers, passengers, and any witnesses

Your Vehicle Info

  • Year, make, model and color
  • The Vehicle Identification Number
  • The license plate number
  • A description of the damage to your vehicle
  • The current location of your vehicle

Other Vehicle Info

  • Make sure to get the same information about the other vehicle, as well.
  • The other driver’s insurance carrier information.

To report a new claim, call 1-800-403-1077. Representatives available 24/7.

We’ll ask you some questions to obtain particular information needed to file the claim, then give you a unique claim number.

You will then be assigned a claims representative who will contact you with more details.

We may need you to fax, scan, or email documents to your claims representative (such as police report, photos of the accident, etc.)

Checking Your Claim Status

  • Call 1-800-403-1077 and choose option 2
  • Make sure to have your claim number and the name of your claims representative (if available)