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With the holiday season right around the corner, finding the perfect gift for all the different people in your life can be challenging. Affordable car insurance could be the best gift of all for your car-loving family members, but there are also plenty of fun yet practical options for the car enthusiast on your shopping list. Here are some of our favorite cheap gift ideas for car lovers:

  1. The 8-Ball Shift Knob
    If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift option, the 8-Ball shift knob will be a hit with any retro car fanatic. Plus, it can be used on both automatic and manual shifting columns. This auto accessory is a must-have if you want to give your car a classic, vintage feel.
  1. The Toolbox
    Any true car enthusiast loves to tinker with his or her beloved car, so what could be better than helping organize their car tools? We love a Husky tool bag for its water-resistant material, spacious interior, and 29 pockets. Plus, the handles make transport in and out of the car trunk or truck bed easy.
  1. The Spiderpodium
    For someone who spends a lot of time driving around, being able to easily use a GPS is a necessity. The Spider Flexible Gripholder offers a simple and efficient way to keep your phone screen in view without being a distraction. It clips right into the air vent of the main console, plus its flexible legs can be manipulated for vertical and horizontal display. At a retail price of $24.99, this little gadget is a steal. Just be sure to turn off texting features while driving.
  1. Handheld Car Vacuum
    Does your loved one like to keep everything tidy and clean? A Black & Decker Auto Vacuum might be the perfect gift! It can clean mats and upholstery along with those hard-to-reach places like in between the door and seat. Plus, the 16-foot power cord plugs right into the car’s 12-volt socket, so they never have to worry about charging it.
  1. Coffee Mug
    For the lovers of both cars and coffee, a coffee mug is a perfect gift. It will keep beverages hot while the leak-proof lid helps prevent spills. For something more traditional, check out the “Classic Car Coffee & Travel Mugs” section on Zazzle.com — it features coffee mugs decorated with retro car pictures.

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