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Hello my name is sticker on car to accompany car name generator quiz.

Maybe you just bought the perfect car, or your trusty four-wheeled friend has been around through thick and thin. Either way, with headlights that look like eyes and a mouth-like grill, you decide to give it a name. But you’re stumped! What on earth should you name your car?

With one in five car owners giving their vehicle a nickname (according to a study by DMEautomotive), you’re not the only one searching for good names for your car. Fortunately, there’s help! When the Batmobile, Greased Lightnin’, or Ole Bessie aren’t quite right for your car, turn to our car name generator quiz below!

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Car Name Generator

What color is your car?

1. Red
2. White
3. Blue
4. Silver
5. Gold
6. Black
7. Other

Describe your car's personality.

1. Cute
2. Cool
3. Tough
4. Elegant
5. Friendly
6. Confident
7. Powerful

What is your driving style?

1. Multitasker: Coffee and phone calls while driving is the norm.
2. Speedy Gonzales: You prefer life in the fast lane.
3. Cautious: Slow and steady wins the race.
4. Smooth: Gliding across lanes is how you roll.

All 3 questions completed!

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Car Name Generator