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Cut Car Costs

Owning a car is exciting, but also expensive! On average, AAA estimates that it costs $8,698 every year to own and operate a vehicle. That’s the same amount of money as 4,349 two dollar lottery tickets, and even more money than the purchase price of some used cars—yikes! With these money savvy moves, you could reduce how much it costs to keep your car insured, tuned up, and ready to go!

#1 – Choose low down payment auto insurance.1 Never heard of it? It’s pretty straightforward—when you get a quote for low down payment auto insurance through Direct Auto Insurance, you could start your policy for less! If you’ve been driving without insurance or waiting for your tax return to start your policy, consider the potential risks: you could have to pay for a traffic ticket for a no insurance violation; you could have your driver’s license suspended; you could even spend time in jail!

#2 – Talk to your insurance company about a higher deductible. Getting a quote for low down payment auto insurance is a great first step. If the coverages on your policy offer a deductible option, choosing the highest deductible available could be the right next step for you! A higher deductible will result in a lower premium, so you could reduce your monthly car insurance payment.

#3 – Ask your car insurance company if you’re eligible for any discounts. There are discounts related to age (like a senior citizen discount), homeownership, and even safe driving! Some discounts could even help you save up to 25%!2

#4 – Stay up-to-date on regular car maintenance. Preventative car services could help you avoid costly repairs down the road, says Precision Tune AutoCare. Preventative car maintenance could also help your car retain its resale value, especially if you save the service receipts. Not sure about the services your car needs or how often to have them performed? Visit your car manufacturer’s website or Edmunds.com!

#5 – When it’s time for car repairs, pay less. On RepairPal.com, you can select your car’s make, model, year, and service type, and get estimates for repair shops in your area. They make it easy to see who’s charging the most and the least for that type of service.

#6 – Drive less. It’s not easy, but it works! Putting less miles on your car could help you reduce fuel costs, but could also make you eligible for a low mileage discount on your car insurance2. With less wear and tear, your car may even need fewer oil changes and less-frequent repairs.

#7 – Consider doing easy repairs on your own. Repairs like replacing the windshield wipers, treating foggy headlights, removing dents, changing light bulbs, replacing weather strips, replacing fuses, and touching up paint are all simple repairs that Consumer Reports suggests you can do at home.


Ready to take an easy first step to lowering your car costs? At Direct Auto Insurance, you could be starting your policy for less. Get a quote now to see just how low your down payment could be!


1Auto insurance underwritten or administered through Direct General Group, Nashville, TN. Rates vary. Down payments will vary based on coverages, pay plan selected and state requirements. In Florida, down payment as low as $45 and BI coverage is required to qualify. Pay plans are subject to terms and conditions and may not be available in all locations. Lower down payment is a limited time offer and does not reduce total premium owed. Additional fees may apply. Cost may vary based on how you buy.

2Discounts vary by company. They may only be available at new business or renewal, may apply only to certain coverages, are subject to terms and conditions, and may not be available in all states or distribution channels.