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Have you finished your spring cleaning yet? Don’t forget to do a little car maintenance to make sure your ride is ready before you hit the open road for summer vacation.

Did you know that your car’s air filter collects dirt and debris to help protect your engine and other car parts? Over time the air filter gets dirty and could be causing your car to work harder costing you more in gas mileage. Help you and your car breathe a little easier by changing your air filter regularly. If you notice black smoke in the exhaust, rough engine noises, the smell of gas in the exhaust, or if your engine backfires, your air filter probably needs to be changed. Watch our latest “Do It Yourself” video from Direct Auto Insurance and learn how to replace your air filter in just five easy steps!

Want to know more about the health of your car? Keep your four-wheeled friend running longer by knowing when to replace car parts and what they could cost and by making sure your car insurance policy is up-to-date. Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732), Click, or  Come in to speak with one of our friendly licensed agents.


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