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Fuel in motorcycle

If you drive a motorcycle, you’re already saving money and some harmful emissions with your fuel economy. Hopefully, you’re also saving money with cheap motorcycle insurance. But have you ever wondered how to reduce your carbon footprint even more, or cut down on your gas bill? Read up on some basics of alternative fuels to explore your options.

Flex-Fuel Vehicles

In order to use a fuel other than gasoline, you first need to have a vehicle that’s engine is designed to run on multiple fuels. These are called flexible-fuel vehicles, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, of which there are millions on U.S. roads – many drivers might not even know their vehicle has the capability. Flex-fuel vehicles are designed primarily to run on an ethanol-gasoline blend.

According to the USDE, ethanol is renewable and domestically produced from plant material, most notably from corn. The most common blends are E10 and E85, which are named based on the percentage of ethanol in the gas blend (E10 being 10%, and E85 up to 85%). E10 can be used in any gasoline vehicle manufactured since 1980, according to the EPA. E85 requires a flex-fuel vehicle, and greatly reduces the use of foreign petroleum.

Natural Gases

To utilize one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels, look into natural gas that’s mostly comprised of methane. There are two types: compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The likelihood of your motorcycle being fit to run on CNG or LNG is low, unless you have a dual-fuel or bi-fuel vehicle. However, the USDE states that traditional gasoline engines can be converted to run on CNG.

And of Course, Conservation

No matter what, the best and perhaps easiest way to reduce your gas bill and harmful emissions is to find alternative ways of transportation! Finding ways to rideshare or walk to more places keeps you and your community happier. Walking greatly improves health and relieves stress, while ridesharing reduces traffic.

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