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a newlywed couple drives away with a decorated car

Wedding season is here, and if you’re tying the knot in the next few months, congratulations! But before the wedding bells ring, have you considered decorations for the getaway car? Whether you’re searching for ideas for your special day or you’re a member of the wedding party responsible for sprucing up the happy couple’s ride, here’s how to decorate a car for a wedding.

Tin Cans

If you’re looking for a classic choice, attaching strings of tin cans to the back of the getaway vehicle could be the right move. This timeless tradition is a fun way to cap a night celebrating the newlyweds. The cans make some serious noise, creating a boisterous sendoff for the pair’s first night as a married couple. If you want to add a personal touch, you can customize the cans with wedding day messages (just married, the wedding date, the couple’s names, etc.). If you’re not a skilled artist, you can support a small business that will customize the tin cans for you.


When you see balloons, you know a celebration is happening, and by attaching balloons to the getaway car, newlyweds can carry some of the fun from the reception with them on their drive to the hotel or house. With balloons, you have plenty of options, as well. You can fill the car with them. Use inflatable letters and spell out “LOVE” on the bumper. Blow up an entire bunch of balloons and attach them to the vehicle. Whichever route you choose, just make sure they don’t block visibility and that they’re securely fastened so they don’t float away.


If you want everyone to know you’re married, ask for your wedding party to attach a banner to the back of your car. Nobody will have any doubts when they see “Just Married” or “Newlyweds” dangling across the trunk of your vehicle.

Custom Window Decals

If you want a customized look for your getaway car, give your wedding party advanced notice and ask them to have a custom window decal made. You can pick a design (floral details, stars, etc.) and add your own message. Whether you put your names and the wedding date or a special sentiment you two share, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind decal that’s as unique as you.

Liquid Chalk

A staple in vehicle decorations since it was invented, liquid chalk will allow you to take care of decoration needs with ease. If someone in the wedding party has excellent handwriting, allow them to write the desired message on the back windshield. Liquid chalk is safe and affordable, and it wipes off easily making for easy cleanup. Score! Just make sure you don’t do too much and make it hard for the driver to see.

Floral Favorites

If you want to breathe new life into wedding car decorations, try using flowers or greenery. If the wedding features a specific type of flower, incorporate it into the getaway car’s appearance. String a beautiful garland from side mirror to side mirror across the hood or attach a wreath to the hood or bumper. Just remember that floral pieces are delicate, so perhaps choosing a faux option is better considering they’ll be subjected to wind during the drive. With that in mind, also make sure any floral pieces are securely fastened.

Car Flags

People buy car flags to show team spirit or pride for their home state, so why not get car flags to celebrate the most monumental day of your lives? Search for a vendor to make custom flags or find ones with a simple message like “Just Married.” As you make your getaway, the celebratory flags will flutter in the wind.


Dangling streamers from the back of the vehicle isn’t revolutionary, but it is relatively inexpensive and fun! You can go for a classic all-white look or mix different colors for something more vibrant.

Mix & Match

While all of these ideas on their own are nice touches, they’re even more special if you start to incorporate them together. Combine a banner or sign with flowers and streamers. Get a custom decal made and attach balloons to the vehicle. Combine elements the couple loves to make the special day end on a special note.

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