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cars driving with headlights to increase road visibility in the fog

Drivers have to be ready to respond on the road moment-by-moment, so visibility is one of the key factors of safety on the road. But how do you maximize your car’s visibility?

Keeping your windows and mirrors clean is the key to great visibility and safety on the road. Here are some methods of improving visibility in cars are other vehicles for a clear view of the road.

Wipers and Blades

You don’t want to be caught in a storm with bad windshield wiper blades. Inspect your blades for dirt and grime and wipe them with a clean rag. If your blades are in bad shape, replace them for better visibility and cleaning on the road.


Keep your windshield squeaky clean for the clearest view of the road ahead. Clean your windshield regularly inside and out with a clean rag and glass cleaner for best results.


Side mirrors get dirty and seem to stay dirty in normal weather unless regularly cleaned. Regular cleaning and car washes can keep these mirrors clean and your blind spot visible.

Mirror Adjustment

Take a look at your rear-view and side mirrors to make sure they are adjusted properly for how you sit in your vehicle. You should be able to see objects behind you through the rear-view mirror and see clearly through the entire back window. Adjust your side mirrors so that the car is barely visible in both mirrors, and make sure you can see oncoming cars in your blind spot.

Back Window

Make sure your view through your vehicle’s back window is not obstructed by objects in your car, a sticker on your window, or other car storage systems . Line up your rear-view mirror so that you can see through the entire back window. Also, keep the back window clear by cleaning it on the inside and outside regularly.

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