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how to make easter bunny race car treats

It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny to bring baskets full of colorful eggs, candy, and toys. To get in the spirit of the season, we’re sharing a fun craft time activity for the whole family to enjoy. Here’s how you can assemble Easter-inspired race cars out of marshmallows and other popular desserts and snacks.

Supply List

To make these adorable race cars, you’ll need the following items:

supplies needed to make easter bunny race car treats

  • Personal-sized sponge cakes: Multiple brands and varieties will work, but the sponge cake will serve as the frame of your vehicle.
  • Marshmallow bunnies: Every car needs a driver, and bunnies are the perfect choice for springtime.
  • Mini pretzels and pretzel sticks (or toothpicks): The traditional version of this popular salty snack makes a great steering wheel. Pretzel sticks are helpful in assembling a finished vehicle. You can also use toothpicks, but make sure to take them out before eating.
  • Marshmallows: These squishy sweets are the perfect stand-in for rubber wheels.
  • Frosting: If you want to personalize your ride, frosting (in a few different colors), is a perfect choice. It also keeps items in place.

Race Car Assembly

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to build a race car. Here are step-by-step assembly instructions after you’ve purchased and unpacked all your supplies.

1. Carve out a seat in your sponge cake.

a pastry with a seat carved out in the middle

Use a knife to cut out a seat just big enough for your marshmallow driver and a steering wheel to be placed inside.

2. Use frosting to seat your driver and attach your steering wheel.

Put a small amount of frosting on the seat of the car. Place your marshmallow bunny of choice on top of the frosting. Put a small amount of frosting just in front of your driver and use it to place your mini pretzel steering wheel.

3. Put pretzel sticks (or toothpicks) through the sides of your sponge cake at the front and back of your car.

assembling a race car with peeps and twinkies

Place them where wheels will go. If you use toothpicks, don’t forget to remove them before eating.

4. Place a marshmallow at each end of your pretzel sticks (or toothpicks).

an easter bunny race car made of pastry cakes and marshmallow bunnies

The four marshmallows will serve as your wheels.

5. Decorate your car as you see fit.

Use frosting and/or other candy you have at home to decorate your ride. Give it a number or fun sponsor. Make it your own.

It’s seriously that easy! If you build your own marshmallow bunny race cars, be sure to tag us on social media.

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