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While it would be nice, most of us can’t afford to buy our teen driver a brand new car outfitted with the latest safety features and technologies. But buying a used car doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on safety. Consumer Reports recently released their 2015 list of the Safest used cars under $10,000 for teen drivers, all of which meet their standards for critical safety features like electronic stability control (ESC), side and curtain airbags, and emergency maneuver-handling.

Chevrolet Malibu, 4-cyl. 2009-12 $8,125
Ford Focus 2009-11 $6,050
Ford Fusion, 4-cyl. 2010-12 $8,325
Hyundai Sonata, 4-cyl. Non-turbo 2006-14 $5,450
Kia Soul 2010-11 $8,925
Mazda3 2011-13 $9,825
Mazda6i 2009-13 $8,375
Toyota RAV4, 4-cyl. 2004-12 $5,590
Volkswagen Jetta 2009-10 $7,250
Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf 2009-14 $7,700

For even more safe used cars under $10,000, check out last year’s list.

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