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If cars could talk, what would they say? Would they be like you or would they have completely different personalities? According to Consumer Reports, “People think of their cars as extensions of themselves or their personalities.” Take family sedans for example. They’re an important part of almost everyone’s commute. Whether you’re driving around your family or not, they serve a great purpose in everyday life. What type of car is your personality or what does your car say about your personality? Can you identify with any of these family sedans and their personalities?1

Family Sedan Personalities

Nissan Altima: Friendly, Independent
For breakfast, you like biscuits, eggs, and pancakes with a side of bacon. You like the comfort of your car and using the features it has to offer. You don’t have time to worry about other bad drivers, are more concerned about enjoying your drive and getting the most mileage out of your car for years to come. You’re ready for whatever unexpected road conditions you encounter with Direct Auto Insurance’s Roadside Assistance.

Toyota Camry: Curious, Dependable
You might order yogurt with granola or try the special waffles with chocolate chips for breakfast. You sing in your car and don’t give in to road rage with other drivers. Whether it’s a favorite TV show, game, or snack, the simple things in life give you pleasure. You like to have fun and try new things so you make sure you have the best protection on the road with Direct’s Emergency Protection Program.

Honda Accord: Down to Earth, Practical
You like to order omelets or a traditional breakfast with a side of fruit. You’re enthusiastic about life and you enjoy outdoor activities. You love to be social with friends and family, and people in general. You report bad drivers and in case you hit a pothole or deer, you keep your peace of mind with Direct’s Comprehensive Coverage.

Chevrolet Impala: Loyal, Traditional
You enjoy steak with your eggs in the morning. You like being part of the group and spending time with your family. You don’t let unruly drivers get in your way. You’re all about comfort and control so you can enjoy the ride and that extra legroom. When it comes to taking a road trip to the beach or across the country with family, you make sure you’re covered with Direct’s Life Insurance.

Ford Fusion: Adventurous, Savvy
You like a lot of maple syrup on your pancakes when you have a sweet tooth and indulge in a breakfast sandwich when you want something savory. You like to explore on the open road and go to Disney World or other fun vacation destinations. You look forward to holidays and spending time with your family and friends. If someone cuts in front of you in traffic or rear-ends you, you don’t let it get to you because you know you have Uninsured Motorist Auto Coverage.

There are many other types of personalities and cars out there. What is your car personality? Let us know in the comments below! Check back on Direct Connect for future cars and their personalities.

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