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Road Trip Playlist

There’s air in your tires. The snacks are packed. You made sure your updated affordable car insurance ID cards are in the glove box. The open roads are calling.

But how do you keep the tunes rocking for your road trip? Here are three of our favorite tips, along with some recommended tunes for the road.

Think Of It Like A Carousel, Not A Roller Coaster
You want to keep the tunes moving and grooving for a couple hours, which means not making all the songs at the beginning very high-tempo or dropping the tone to more soft, quiet jams halfway through. Think about the overall beat of the playlist and try to keep it consistent.

Consider Movie Soundtracks
Even if you’ve had “Let It Go” on repeat since 2014, movie soundtracks can be a great way to keep everyone entertained on long car rides. Since movie soundtracks are designed around a central film theme, they often provide a fun audio story that the whole car can enjoy.

Sneak In Some Old Favorites
To keep everyone happily singing along, sneak in some old favorites to the playlist. They may be nostalgic, corny, or just outright fun – just be sure to give your passengers the chance to rock out together. Our recommendation? You can’t ever go wrong with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” – just ask Wayne and Garth.

Bonus: When In Doubt, Use Streaming Services
While this option is dependent upon reliable WIFI connection, using a streaming service like Spotify allows almost every music genre to be right at your fingertips. And you can even subscribe to Direct Auto Insurance’s Spotify page to have personalized playlists, ready to go. Some of our Spotify artists to listen to are The Beach Boys, Shania Twain, and The Eagles!

Have some other road trip playlist tips you think we missed? Have some songs we should add to our summer playlists? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!



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