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America’s highways are dotted with tons of unusual attractions. Whether educational or silly, historic or hilarious, you can find all kinds of odd stops along U.S. road trip routes. Whether you are taking a cross-country motorcycle road trip or a summer journey with friends, the stops are the highlight of any road trip. Before you embark on your road trip, just make sure you have the right car insurance. It can even be low-cost auto insurance, so long as you have the right amount of coverage for your state. Then head out on the highway and keep an eye out for these weird American attractions!

Cadillac Ranch: Amarillo, Texas

This colorful Texas attraction has been around since 1974 when a group of San Franciscan artists in the Amarillo area received a grant for some unusual public art. Located smack in the middle of Route 66, Cadillac Ranch consists of 10 old-school Cadillacs (models range from the 1949 Club Sedan to the 1963 Sedan de Ville), buried headlights-down in a dirt field. Originally meant to display the evolution of the Cadillacs’ tailfins, the cars of Cadillac Ranch have been decorated, repainted, and graffitied over the years by visitors to the site. Stop by Cadillac Ranch during your road trip to make your own mark!

World’s Largest Twine Ball: Darwin, Minnesota

Want a quick stop at a local oddity? The World’s Largest Ball of Twine resides just west of Minneapolis in Darwin, Minnesota. It measures 12 feet wide and weighs almost 9 tons, having been created over the course of 29 years by Darwin local, Francis A. Johnson. Swing by Darwin if you’re traveling through Minnesota on U.S. Route 12.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum: Felton, California

Bigfoot believers will find a kindred spirit in Michael Rugg, creator of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Rugg has been interested in Bigfoot since childhood, and opened his museum in 2005 to showcase mythical, biological, and paranormal categories of Bigfoot research. Admission is free, so visit and view plaster footprint casts, years’ worth of Bigfoot memorabilia, Rugg’s Bigfoot research library, and much more.

House on the Rock: Spring Green, Wisconsin

Opened in 1959, Spring Green’s House on the Rock is a bizarre display of architectural design run amok. Self-guided tours lead visitors through the house and its series of displays featuring everything from a 269-character carousel, to a sea skirmish between a giant squid and a 200-foot-long sea monster, to a room full of Santa Clauses. Filled with the eclectic collections of the house’s creator Alex Jordan, the House on the Rock will capture your imagination.

Foamhenge: Natural Bridge, Virginia

This Virginian roadside attraction is exactly what it sounds like: a to-scale replica of Stonehenge, made from foam. This Styrofoam masterpiece was built by Mark Cline, a fiberglass sculptor and owner of Enchanted Castle Studios. He says it’s the only American exact replica of Stonehenge. Foamhenge is stationed along Highway 11 South, and admission is free.



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