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Any Gonzalez’s Embarrassing Driving Story in Venezuela.

The most embarrassing moment I had experienced driving happened to me when I was back home in Venezuela. At the time, we lived in an apartment complex that was on a pretty steep hill, which always made me nervous.

This was a few years back now, but I remember I was driving alone on my way back home, just loving life and listening to music. I pulled up to my house, opened my window, and stretched my arm out to place the key on the sensor to open the gate. I accidentally decided to let go of the brake when I did that, and the car started to roll forward. It all happened so quickly that the next thing I knew, I had hit the gate 😖 and I was like “OMG 😱…what just happened!?”

It was a silly mistake and something I often think about whenever pulling into places or getting ready to park. The worst part was after backing out and thinking nothing was wrong, the garage door would not open. And it was 8 am in the morning, so nobody could leave for work or school. I was so embarrassed!

We had to wait for someone to come and fix it, which took about two hours to get it to open finally. 😅 It will be something I never forget. I can remember those two hours waiting while everyone needed to leave like it was yesterday. Despite it all, I chose to #keepdriving!

About Any Gonzalez

Any Gonzalez is a mom, wife, makeup artist, entrepreneur, fashion, and beauty blogger born and raised in Venezuela whose mission is to inspire and help others feel powerful in their own way.

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