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You may be calmer behind the wheel and have more miles on your odometer than a first-time driver, but could you beat a teenager’s score on a driving test? Answer these 10 common driving test questions* to find out. And before you get overconfident, remember that approximately 50% of people fail the written knowledge test the first time they take it, according to Driving-Tests.org. So, consider brushing up on basic driving principles and rules before you hit start.

Are You Smarter Than a First-Time Driver?

So, you've got a little more experience than a new driver, but can you outscore them on a driving test? Take on these sample questions to find out!

What does a flashing yellow light mean at an intersection?

1. Slow down and proceed with caution
2. Come to a complete stop and then proceed with caution
3. Speed up and go through the intersection as fast as you can

What is the proper hand signal for slowing and stopping?

1. A friendly wave and warm smile
2. Arm held out the window straight and bent downwards at 90 degrees
3. Arm held out the window straight and bent upwards at 90 degrees

At an intersection with a 4-way stop, which driver can go first?

1. The driver who reached the intersection last
2. The driver with the nicest car
3. The driver who reached the intersection first

T or F: When merging onto the highway, you should come to a complete stop until a space opens up for you.

1. True
2. False

When driving through a construction zone it's a good safety practice to:

1. Drive as close as you can to the vehicle in front of you to keep traffic moving
2. Slightly shorten your usual following distance
3. Lengthen your typical following distance

What should you do if there is an ambulance with flashing lights behind you while driving?

1. Stop quickly where you are
2. Drive up onto the sidewalk
3. Slow down and pull over to allow them to pass, stopping if necessary

Which of the following is one factor that significantly impacts your stopping distance?

1. Type of safety belts
2. Weather conditions
3. Posted speed limit

You should drive on the shoulder to pass a car:

1. When the vehicle ahead of you is turning left
2. When driving on a one-way road
3. When the shoulder is wide enough
4. Under no circumstances

______________ show parking spaces for people with disabilities.

1. Blue pavement markings
2. Red pavement markings
3. White pavement markings
4. Yellow pavement markings

T or F: It's legal to drive with an expired driver's license.

1. True
2. False

All 10 questions completed!

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Are You Smarter Than a First-Time Driver?

No matter your score, you can always stand to refresh your knowledge of driving laws from time to time. After all, staying safe on the road could help you score a pretty sweet discount** on car insurance! Call Direct Auto or stop by one of our locations to learn more.


*Please note that these are common questions pulled from a variety of state driving tests and may not necessarily reflect the test questions and answers in your state.

**  Safe driver discounts subject to eligibility and may not be available in all states.