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car on a road trip in front of gas station.

Traveling for business or pleasure in the near future? How exciting! But before you hit the road, consider downloading our 10 best road trip apps to make your journey even more enjoyable. These selections (available on iOS and Android) will help you plan your trip and navigate whatever situation arises, no matter if you’re in the Big Apple or Big Sur.


Whether you’re driving across town or across the country, Waze can help you get there as quickly as possible. There are plenty of other apps out there offering maps and directions, but user participation is what makes Waze special. More than 140 million users report slowdowns, accidents, stopped cars, dangerous potholes, police, and more. All of this real-time feedback is then used to help you find the fastest route to your destination. Waze also allows users to find carpool options, compare gas prices, travel toll-free, and search for nearby parking.


If you love to leave reservations until the last minute or you have to travel on short notice, HotelTonight can save you time and money, even on same-day accommodations that are typically tough to score. The app also offers exclusive rates and a digital concierge that aren’t available on their website. So, if you have flexibility, you can score sweet deals in a win-win situation. A hotel fills an empty room, and you get to stay at a discounted rate.


For 15 years, GasBuddy has been helping drivers save money when they stop to refuel. In fact, the popular app has helped its users save more than $3.1 billion during that period. Download the app, and you’ll be able to find the lowest gas prices in your area. And, if you want to sign up for their free GasBuddy fuel card and link your bank account, you can save up to 25 cents per gallon!


No matter where you’re going, Tripadvisor can help you organize a getaway you’ll enjoy. It’s essentially an all-in-one vacation planner. By looking at the advice of millions of other travelers, you can figure out where you want to stay, what you want to eat, tours you want to take, and more. And when you finish traveling, you can leave feedback on everything you did to help guide others in the future.


If you want to eat a nice meal on your travels, you might need a reservation. And for reservations, OpenTable is one of the best apps out there. Browse through menus, photos, reviews, and special promotions of more than 50,000 restaurants to find the right dining experience. When you locate your desired dining destination, make a reservation with just a few taps.


If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ll want to download AllTrails before you begin your journey. This excellent little app helps people, you guessed it, find trails in their area. But the beauty of AllTrails is that it’s useful whether you’re staying in a city or the middle of the mountains. You can find a casual stroll along a neighborhood greenway or an intense, 10+ mile trek to the top of a tall peak.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

If your travels are spent in your home away from home (your RV), or you like to camp, you’ll need to find a place to set up shop in the evenings. RV Parks & Campgrounds is an app that can help you find a place to pull over at night and get some sleep. Browse through more than 40,000 RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, and more until you find what you’re looking for.

Flush – Toilet Finder

Sometimes you need to go while you’re on the go, and that’s where Flush comes in handy. Instead of frantically searching for a public restroom, just open their app, and look for a nearby toilet. It’s completely free to use, and there are no in-app purchases required.


Depending on what you’re doing, you might decide to take your dog with you on your travels. However, if you leave them behind, you want to know that they’re in good hands. Rover can help connect you with qualified individuals who will temporarily take your dog in or housesit for you to keep your dog in a familiar environment. You can have your sitter send you instant messages and photo updates to make sure your best friend is thriving in your absence.

Direct Auto

You can’t travel legally without auto insurance, so be sure to download the Direct Auto Mobile App ahead of your journey. You’ll be able to view all of your policy information, access digital versions of your ID cards, file claims, make payments, and more! It’s the perfect way to do auto insurance on the go!

Do you have any other apps you depend on when you travel? Drop them in the comments below!