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biggest yard sales in america

Come summertime, rural highways across the country turn into some of the biggest yard sales in America. If you love a good bargain and enjoy hunting for antiques, collectibles, and other relics of the past, you’ll love this list.

Learn more about the biggest yard sales in the country and get ready to log some serious road trip miles as you trek for treasures throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast.

Editor’s note: These events may be affected due to the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please visit event websites for the most accurate, up to date information.

1. Rt. 208 Sale Trail

  • Where: Spotsylvania County, VA
  • When: first full weekend in September
  • Length: 24 miles

The 24-mile Rt. 208 Sale Trail is proof you don’t have to commit to a hundred-mile journey to score some great stuff. This yard sale route runs through Spotsylvania County, VA, about an hour south of Washington, D.C., and is full of great finds.

2. Route 75 Sales

  • Where: South Beloit, IL to Freeport, IL
  • When: first weekend in June
  • Length: 40 miles

Start on the Wisconsin-Illinois border and take Highway 75 west through the Northern Illinois towns of Rockton, Lake Summerset, Rock City, and Dakota. Hundreds of yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, churches, and small businesses sell all sorts of things at the Route 75 Sales. This yard sale also has an interactive map and a complete list of vendors and available items on its website.

3. Route 90 Garage Sale

  • Where: Montezuma, NY, to Homer, NY
  • When: every last full weekend in July
  • Length: 50 miles

The Route 90 Garage Sale is one of the biggest yard sales in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. It stretches along 50 miles of Route 90, which happens to be a New York State Scenic Byway. Vendors sell hundreds of unique items and collectibles, and there are tons of great food options along the way.

4. Dixie Highway 90 Mile Yard Sale

  • Where: Ringgold, GA to Marietta, GA
  • When: first weekend in June
  • Length: 90 miles

Head to Northwest Georgia for the Dixie Highway 90 Mile Yard Sale. Tons of local communities participate in the sale, which stretches from Ringgold, GA, to Marietta, GA. You’ll find lots of antiques, including vintage kitchenware, glassware, and jars, as well as typical yard sale items, like bicycles, old records, and clothing.

5. 100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yard Sale

  • Where: Unadilla, GA to Quitman, GA
  • When: second Saturday in October
  • Length: 100 miles

Travel south on Highway 41 from Unadilla, GA, to Moultrie, GA, on Highway 33 to shop for yard sale items, arts and crafts, and other vintage finds. The 100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yard Sale passes through several small towns in Georgia where vendors set up on Main Streets and in fields and parking lots.

6. Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale

  • Where: Dewey, OK to Caney, KS
  • When: Every second weekend in September
  • Length: 100 miles

Trek from Southeast Kansas to Northeast Oklahoma across the Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale. Unlike the other yard sales on this list, this yard sale route forms a convenient 100-mile loop. There are dozens of booths where you can shop for modern and antique furniture, kids’ and adult clothing, Western wear, cowboy boots, housewares, metal signs, and other vintage finds.

7. Virginia’s 100 Mile Yard Sale

  • Where: Chula Junction, VA to South Boston, VA
  • When: every first Saturday in July
  • Length: 100 miles

Fifteen towns participate in the Virginia 100 Mile Yard Sale along U.S. 360 in Southern Virginia. Antique furniture, bed frames, kitchenware, artwork, and vintage cars are a few things you can expect along this rural route.

8. 301 Endless Yard Sale

  • Where: Weldon, NC to Dunn, NC
  • When: every third weekend in June
  • Length: 100 miles

If you love hunting for antiques, you’ll love the 301 Endless Yard Sale, which runs parallel to I-95 along U.S. 301 in North Carolina. You’ll find the usual yard sale offerings, like kitchen gadgets, clothes, and toys, as well as a variety of tobacco farming relics, including tobacco baskets, leather saddles, wooden crates, and salvaged metal signs.

9. Highway 31W Treasure Hunt/Yard Sale

  • Where: Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN
  • When: Second weekend in September
  • Length: 150 miles

Post Road, the Louisville to Nashville Turnpike, Dixie Highway – U.S. Route 31W has had a bunch of different names, but what else do you expect from a road so old that buffalo are said to have carved its path? The Highway 31W Treasure Hunt/Yard Sale is lined with miles of yard sale shopping and history. As you’re rolling down country roads, make a stop at a historic home, Civil War site, or museum.

10. Bargains Galore on 64

  • Where: Fort Smith, AR to Beebe, AR
  • When: second Thursday through Saturday in August
  • Length: 160 miles

Shop 160 miles of yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, and flea markets at Bargains Galore on 64, one of the biggest yard sales in Central Arkansas. There are tons of great finds along the way, including antiques, collectibles, and other vintage, one-of-a-kind items.

11. U.S. 12 Heritage Trail

  • Where: New Buffalo, MI to Detroit, MI
  • When: every second weekend in August
  • Length: 180 miles

Drive from one side of the mitten to the other when you check out the U.S. 12 Heritage Trail garage sale, one of the biggest in Southern Michigan. If you love searching for hidden treasures, you’ll find them here. Vendors throughout the 180-mile route sell Victorian and arts and crafts style furniture, garden décor, and vintage crystal and glassware.

12. Highway 70 Yard Sale

  • Where: Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN
  • When: second Thursday-Saturday in June
  • Length: 200+ miles

Shop more than 200 miles of antiques, collectibles, and other vintage finds along the Highway 70 Yard Sale. What started as a sale to help out a small thrift store 12 years ago has grown into the biggest yard sale in West Tennessee! The route weaves along rural roads, offering plenty of neat stops along the way. Don’t miss Jackson, TN, which some regular shoppers refer to as “ground zero.”

13. Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

  • Where: West Virginia to Iowa
  • When: every second full weekend in August
  • Length: 250+ miles

Built in 1913, the Lincoln Highway was America’s first transcontinental road, stretching more than 3,000 miles from New York City to San Francisco. Today, the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale covers a stretch of this historic road that runs through West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. Shoppers can expect huge community-wide sales in parks, fields, and parking lots along the route.

14. Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale

  • Where: Barnesville, GA to Brunswick, GA
  • When: second Friday and Saturday in March
  • Length: 260 miles

The Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale is Georgia’s biggest yard sale. The route runs along Highway 341, taking you from the peach orchards south of Atlanta to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll find typical yard sale wares along the way, as well as antiques and handmade items from local artisans.

15. U.S. 25 Yard Sale

  • Where: Clinton, TN to Richwood, KY
  • When: first Thursday-Saturday in June
  • Length: 325 miles

At 325 miles long, the U.S. 25 Yard Sale is one of the biggest yard sales in America. You’ll find tons of antiques and treasures in small towns along this route, although Grant County, KY, and the strip between Berea, KY, and Corbin, KY, are usually known for having pretty good pickings.

16. Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale

  • Where: Mesquite, TX to Jackson, MS
  • When: twice a year on the third weekend in April and October
  • Length: 392 miles

Old farm equipment, records, tools, furniture, housewares, – that’s just a sampling of the treasures you can expect to find at the Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale, billed as the biggest garage sale in America. Vendors set up shop in huge fields and parking lots throughout the 392-mile route, which passes through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

It’s also full of history! U.S. 80 was the first all-weather coast-to-coast route and was once known as the “Broadway of America,” second only to U.S. Route 66 in American highway history.

17. 400 Mile Sale

  • Where: Maysville, KY to Paducah, KY
  • When: Every first full weekend in June
  • Length: 400 miles

This annual rain-or-shine yard sale traverses the Bluegrass State. Hundreds of booths set up along Highway 68, with vendors selling antiques, collectors’ items, pottery, and handmade jewelry. There is plenty of food and fun along the way! The 400 Mile Sale also passes by the National Corvette Museum.

18. U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale

  • Where: Meridian, MS to Bristol, VA
  • When: Every first weekend after Mother’s Day in May
  • Length: 502 miles

The U.S. 11 Antique Alley & Yard Sale is one of the biggest yard sales in the South, spanning an idyllic stretch of Appalachia through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Held over four days each May, this annual event draws more than 30,000 visitors! Towns along the way host festivals, flea markets, carnivals, and antique extravaganzas.

19. Highway 127 Yard Sale

  • Where: Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL
  • When: Every first weekend in August
  • Length: 690 miles

Stretching across six states and at 690 miles long, the Highway 127 Yard Sale is one of the world’s longest yard sales. Roadside stalls fill up with more than 5,000 vendors along sleepy rural roads in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. You’ll find bed frames, garden décor, textiles, and tons of other vintage knickknacks. The 127 Yard Sale also covers the scenic Lookout Mountain Parkway between Chattanooga, TN, and Gadsden, AL.

20. Historic National Road Yard Sale

  • Where: Across U.S. 40 from Baltimore, MB to St. Louis, MO
  • When: every first Wednesday after Memorial Day in May
  • Length: 800+ miles

Situated along the U.S. 40 scenic byway, the Historic National Road Yard Sale runs all the way from Maryland to Missouri, making it one of the biggest yard sales in America. The 200-year old route is full of history and charm, and is nicknamed the “Main Street of America.” Don’t miss “antique alley,” a 66-mile loop packed with more than 1,000 antique vendors.

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