| Driving
Two people cruising in their car together.

The 1950s to early 60s were the golden age of car cruising, but drivers today can still get behind the wheel for the love of the journey, not the destination. Casual driving is a great way to get out of the house with the family, explore different neighborhoods, and have some fun! And in the age of COVID-19, a Sunday drive can keep you the recommended six feet apart from other people. (Note: Be sure to follow any no-cruising ordinances in your area.) So, grab your car keys, put on your seatbelt, and try these fun car activities as you cruise around town!

1. Play Driving-Themed Music

From Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson to No Particular Place to Go by Chuck Berry, there’s no shortage of songs about the joys of driving to listen to over your car stereo. You can also use music streaming platforms, like Pandora or Spotify, to discover new tunes of any genre! Plus, did you know that music can positively impact a driver’s mood and performance? It’s true! So, hit play, sing along if you like, and enjoy the ride!

2. Listen to a Podcast and Learn 

Podcasts have increased in popularity over the years, and one great thing is that they’re typically free to stream or download. From educational shows about personal finance to narrative stories that inspire, it’s easy to find one you’re interested in. Simply download a podcast listening app and elevate your cruising experience with a podcast you love!

3. Eat at a Drive-in Restaurant

Is all that driving making you hungry? Add a destination to your car cruise, and visit a classic drive-in restaurant! There are thousands of Sonic Drive-In locations across the U.S. to visit, or you can turn to your search engine to find a mom-and-pop drive-in near you. After you pull up and place your order, a carhop will usually work on foot to deliver your food to your car, but some still use roller skates. Enjoy a hamburger, fries, and shake with a side of nostalgia!

4. Watch a Movie at a Drive-in Theater

Another great old-fashioned cruising stop is a classic drive-in movie theater. Nothing beats watching a movie under the stars on a first date, or entertaining the family together with some snacks and a flick, or celebrating finally getting your driver’s license. Plan ahead by visiting the website of a drive-in theater near you to learn which movies are showing, how to purchase tickets, when to arrive, and about COVID-19 precautions to be aware of, then sit back and watch the big screen from the comfort of your car.

5. Play a Driving Game

You probably remember playing driving games as a kid during long road trips with the family. Well, now’s the time to pass that tradition down to your own children, or play with your friends and family as you cruise around your city or town. There are all sorts of fun driving games, like the Alphabet Game where you find a sign containing a word beginning with the letter A, then B, then C, and so on. Or, Lyrical Limits, where you have a conversation (no singing!) solely in song lyrics.

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