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man riding motorcycle to work

Rev up your engines, guys and gals: June 15, 2015 is Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day! If you’re a casual rider looking to take advantage of the fun holiday or even an everyday rider who will just be sitting a little taller, it’s important to use caution when operating your motorcycle. Here are some easy ways we encourage motorcyclists to ride safely this June 15th.

Wear a Helmet All the Time, Every Time
Feeling the wind in your hair isn’t worth the brain damage or fatality that can occur when riders without helmets are confronted with a motorcycle accident. The NHTSA even estimates that roughly 1,699 lives were saved in 2012 because of proper helmet usage. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, always wear a helmet, every time you get on the road, and encourage others to do the same; it could save a life.

Stay in the Center of Your Lane
Motorcyclists who edge between cars instead of staying in their lane put themselves and others at risk. Lack of visibility can contribute to motorcycle accidents, according to the NHTSA. Decrease the risk by riding in the center of your lane. Also use turn signals and hand signals when changing lanes to bring more attention to you.

Look at Weather Conditions
While we hope June 15th will be a sunny day, there’s always a chance for rainy and windy weather this time of year. Inclement weather often makes roads more dangerous for bikers. When roads are affected by severe weather conditions, opt for another mode of transportation and leave the motorcycle in the garage until skies clear up.

Be Smart
And always remember to keep the right motorcycle insurance in force.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing some of our favorite bikes hit the streets both in June and all summer long. Stay safe out there, motorcyclists, and enjoy Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day!

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