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Are you a calm, cool, and collected driver, or do you turn into a road-rage beast when you shift into drive? A study conducted jointly by experts at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and tire manufacturer Goodyear identified seven driving personalities: the teacher, know-it-all, competitor, punisher, philosopher, avoider, and escapee. Which one do you think you are? Take our free driving personality test inspired by the study to find out!

What’s Your Driving Personality?

If a driver wants to pass ahead of you into your lane, do you let them through?

1. Of course I do!
2. Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.
3. Meh — rarely.
4. No way, never.

Imagine you’re looking for parking and another driver swoops into a spot you had signaled for. What do you do next?

1. You feel a little disappointed, but know that it’s not a big deal — you’ll find another spot.
2. Roll down your window and tell the driver they stole your spot.
3. Shake your fist in anger and tell all your friends and family about the “parking spot stealer."
4. Get super-duper angry and make a scene!

Do you talk on a hands-free phone while driving?

1. Yes, I often do.
2. Sometimes, but not always.
3. Rarely to never.

Have you done at least one of the following in the past six months?

  • Purposely cut a driver off
  • Tailgated a driver
  • Honked to make someone drive faster
  • Zigzagged through traffic
  • Rolled your window down to yell at another driver
  • Braked suddenly to scare a tailgater

1. Yes.
2. No.

Have you ever insisted that a driver pull over so you could confront them about their bad driving?

1. Yes.
2. No.

How do you feel about the following statement? Bad drivers need someone to tell them that they’re making mistakes.

1. Agree.
2. Neutral.
3. Disagree.

What would you do if somebody “cut you off” in traffic?

1. Slow down and keep my distance to avoid another dangerous situation.
2. Barely notice, I’m too busy enjoying listening to my favorite music!
3. Tailgate the driver for a while to retaliate.
4. Accelerate to the next lane and get in front of the driver.
5. Wonder why you’re surrounded by incompetent fools on the road.
6. Figure the other driver must not have seen you and brush it off.

All 7 questions completed!

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What’s Your Driving Personality?

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