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Jack O'Lanterns on Halloween

With the end of October comes the settling in of chilly weather, the promise of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and of course, the festivities of the spookiest night of the year: Halloween. Parents and kids trek around the neighborhood looking forward to a night of candy and fun, while party-goers anticipate celebrating with friends. However, the anticipation of getting to your Halloween fun is something to be extra careful about on Halloween night. It’s a dangerous night for pedestrians, and those on the road need to be vigilant about safety. That’s why there’s more to smart driving on Halloween than just getting good auto insurance rates. Help keep pedestrians (and yourself!) safe with these things in mind.

If You’re Driving…

Keep an eye out for pedestrians when driving on Halloween! In the excitement of trick-or-treating and party-going, costumed folks will be crossing streets in droves… and not always at designated crosswalks. Go slowly when driving through neighborhoods, and anticipate stopping for a little longer than usual if necessary.

Another potential hazard to watch out for in neighborhoods is parents driving kids from house to house for their trick-or-treat travels. If you encounter one of these cars either parked by a curb or pulled into the driveway of a house, be extra careful as you pass. Kids and grownups alike might not see you going by.

Lastly, stay off your cell phone on Halloween night so you can pay extra attention to the roads. (This is always a good rule while driving, but is especially important during this particular holiday.)

If You’re Walking…

Youngsters and adults alike can anticipate seeing all kinds of costume fun on Halloween night, whether heading to a party or out on the trick-or-treating trail. Regardless of your destination, if you’re walking in a residential area, remember to follow the basic rules of the road for pedestrians. Cross at crosswalks, stick to lighted areas, always look both ways before crossing, stay on the sidewalk, and never cross between parked cars.

Trekking through a neighborhood with kids can be fun for everyone… but keeping an eye on excited youngsters gets a little challenging when the promise of candy appears at every door. Review the rules about crossing the street, staying with the group, and never entering a car or home for candy. To light the way on your trick-or-treat adventure, be sure to bring flashlights with fresh batteries.

All Dressed Up!

Witches, ghouls, and ninjas beware! Some Halloween costumes are safer than others on a dark October night. If you’re walking the streets in an all-black costume, drivers will have a much harder time seeing you. Stick with lighter colors to make yourself more visible. Don’t want to give up your costume? Carry a brightly-colored trick-or-treat basket or bag, or put some reflective tape on your costume and/or your shoes.

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