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If you’re a biker, you know there’s nothing quite like cruising through beautiful scenery and seeing where the road takes you. The U.S. has some of the most scenic highways in the world and a road trip can make for an inexpensive, beautiful summer vacation. Here are some of our favorite coastal routes for a motorcycle road trip. After all, isn’t feeling the ocean breeze as you ride a must?

Hwy 1, Pacific Coast Highway – 1,700 miles

The Pacific Coast is home to such an iconic part of the nation for a good reason – it is picturesque year-round, and will never fail to show you a great summer day on the beach. Stretching from the northern coast of Oregon to south of Los Angeles, every stop along the way will be worth your while – down the calm coast of Oregon and through the Bay Area, and all the way down to SoCal makes this summer road trip anyone’s ideal tour.

Coastal Highway 1 – 170 miles

With a similar name but a tenth of the distance of the former, Coastal Highway 1 takes you smoothly down the Atlantic coast of Maine, giving plenty of chances to stop for the state’s famous lobster and amazing scenery. If you live in New England and are just looking for a quick getaway on your motorcycle, Coastal Highway 1 is a safe bet.

Hwy 1, Overseas Highway – 100 miles

The Overseas Highway is another short route down the perfect summer destination that is the Florida coast. From Key Largo to Key West along a stretch of reef between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll get a taste of the tropics on your road trip.

Prepping for Your Beach Road Trip

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