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Family Roadtrip

The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and the highways are calling your name. It’s time for the annual summer road trip! And to get you ready for the open road, we at Direct Auto have compiled apps and tips to help make your next road trip easier and even more fun.

Let’s get started!

Planning Your Trip

Let’s look at step one when it comes to road trips: actually planning your trip!  Set a destination and use apps like Furkot and Waze to plan out your driving route. Apps like these can help you anticipate upcoming traffic, speed traps, and pending road closures.

Making the Most of Your Stops

The driving route is half the fun of the road trip, and sometimes the unexpected detours can be the most enjoyable. For help navigating the road and finding the best sights to see, download these apps. There are even practical options that can help you find the most cost-effective gas stations close to you, cheap lodging options, and more.

Packing the Snacks

Even a short road trip is made infinitely better by packing the cooler to the brim with tasty treats. Our 3 Lunches On-The-Go For Under $10 are a great addition to any road trip menu but don’t forget to pack produce that doesn’t need refrigeration, like bananas, apples, and oranges. They’re cheap snacks that don’t require much effort in terms of prep.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Road trips often include some longer drive times than the kids are used to. To keep them entertained, get mini magnetic versions of their favorite board games, turn to classic road trip games like I Spy or 20 Questions, or even encourage kids to make up their own games! You can also check out an audiobook from your local library so everyone can enjoy storytime together.

And for the passengers up front, Spotify will keep the tunes coming. You can even make playlists (like we did!) to rock out to your favorite songs throughout your trip.

How do you plan for your road trips? Have a song you think we should add to the playlist? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.