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Have a new driver in the family? Before you hand them the keys, get all the facts about what legal requirements your new driver must meet before getting their first driver’s license. From obtaining a driver’s permit to securing car insurance for young drivers, there’s a lot your teen needs to know before getting behind the wheel.

The Learner’s Permit

Almost all states require new drivers–especially new teen drivers–to obtain a permit. The age at which teens can get a learner’s permit varies by state but, for most states, the minimum age for a learner’s permit is 15. Getting a learner’s permit goes hand in hand with passing the class portion of driver’s education. Once your teen finishes their class, they will take the written test. By passing the written test and getting a learner’s permit certification, they will be able to apply for their learner’s permit at their local DMV office, often having to pay a small fee.

Remember though: that getting a learner’s permit is just step one in the long process of getting a driver’s license. Many states require that teen drivers have a learner’s permit for 6 to 12 months before graduating to a license.

Supervised Driving Times

Again, each state has different requirements for teen drivers, but after getting their learner’s permit, most states require that your teen fulfill a set number of supervised driving hours. These hours are designed to help teens feel more comfortable on the roads and test their knowledge of roadway laws. Many states also require teens to have a certain number of driving hours performed at night.

Applying for a Driver’s License

After obtaining a learner’s permit, passing the written test, and putting in time behind the wheel, teens can finally apply for their own driver’s license. However, many states have a provisional license program in place that limits the access teens can have on the roads, or places other restrictions on young drivers, such as nighttime driving and passenger restrictions. Be sure to check with your local DMV about what licenses are available to teen drivers.

Getting Insurance

Having the right auto insurance is especially important if you have a young or inexperienced driver in your household. Be sure you remember to add your teenager to your insurance as soon as he or she becomes licensed. Additionally, any cars that your teen may get should be added to your insurance policy to help ensure coverage. Talk to a local Direct Auto Insurance agent today to make sure your teen and your vehicles are covered.

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