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Rhyne Howard smiling in car holding dog

My very first time driving with my learner’s permit was on the highway to Florida. My mom and I were headed to the University of Florida for her alumni weekend. Since having my permit, I was always telling her I could drive if she needed help during road trips, and that time, she finally took me up on it. I was only a little nervous, so the drive wasn’t too bad.

However, I was way more nervous during my official driving test a year later, and here’s why. Everything was going great in the beginning, and I was calmly driving with the instructor…when suddenly a squirrel jumped in the middle of the road! At first, it just sat there for a second and ran off. But, by the time I reached where it had been, the squirrel decided to run back into the road… and I ran it over… during my driver’s test. I was startled, to say the least, but I kept my cool and control of the wheel (even though my instructor screamed a little).

I know y’all are probably thinking I failed my test because I fully hit a squirrel, but to my surprise, I passed with flying colors. My instructor said, “You handled the situation really well and you didn’t swerve to try to avoid it, which could’ve ended in something worse.” I think that drive to Florida with my mom gave me the confidence boost I needed to be able to handle the situation.  Ever since then, I think I’ve done a pretty good job at this whole driving thing and still think about that day whenever a squirrel crosses the road.

About Rhyne Howard

Rhyne Howard is an American college women’s basketball player for the Kentucky Wildcats of the Southeastern Conference. She graduated from Bradley Central High School located in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2018. She is currently a Senior at the University of Kentucky.

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