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Craving some summer sun? With winter melting away and Spring Break right around the corner, there’s no better time to pack up the car (and the sunscreen) and hit the road. But what’s worse than a bad sunburn with no aloe vera gel? A bad road trip partner. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, it’s imperative that you follow this set of rules for riding shotgun.

Your Smartphone Is Your Friend

Since the driver will be pretty busy driving, it’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t get lost in a forest (or something equivalent that could potentially turn into what appears to be a horror movie). Your phone is your guide to map apps, traffic jams, and the perfect pit stops, so make sure to keep it charged up! Looking for some tips on which ones to download? Check out some of our favorite apps.

Become The Next Big DJ

The perfect road trip involves the perfect soundtrack, and this is your moment to shine. Keep the jams relevant and flowing. Also, now’s a great time to think of your DJ name. Make it memorable.

Become A Human Utensil

Ok, that sounds a little weird. But this is important. If and when you stop for food, it is your job to provide the driver with the best possible solution to eating his or her food item on the road. This includes but is not limited to: dipping French fries in ketchup and handing them over, having plenty of napkins on hand, and pulling down the wrapper on a sandwich. (But you’re not required to tell the driver that they have sauce on their face—that’s solely for your entertainment.)


This is easy. Don’t fall asleep. Your driver needs you! (Clearly, as seen above.) Plus, half the fun of a road trip is the people you take it with. Don’t be that guy.

Now that you’re an expert driving co-pilot, get out there and hit the road! And if you run into any problems that you can’t tackle, having roadside assistance could help you out in those tight spots like running out of gas or locking your keys in the car. Looking for affordable car insurance before you set out? Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT to find out how Direct Auto Insurance could help you save on car insurance.


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