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Slade Bolden smiling while sitting in car

Back when I was in high school, I was driving to school one morning and decided I had just enough time to get breakfast. I stopped at a fast-food restaurant, got my meal, ate it in the parking lot quickly, and then went on my way…or so I thought. To leave the restaurant, I had to cross two lanes of oncoming traffic to get to the other side of the highway in the direction I needed. At the time, I had been driving with a license for a while and didn’t think much about the turn. It felt like any other day in Louisiana.

Let’s just say I didn’t do the best job of looking both ways before I crossed the highway. As I began to leave the parking lot, I noticed at the last second there was a truck coming out of nowhere. So I slammed on the breaks, stopping just in time for the nose of my truck to stick out into the road a bit.

The next thing I knew, I heard a loud scraping noise as the truck went by me. I realized the tow hooks on the front of my truck were digging into the entire side of this guy’s vehicle. I was shocked, to say the least…especially knowing how close of a call it was to almost having a major accident. As this was all going through my head, the truck pulled off to the side. I immediately saw a HUGE scratch right in the middle, running the entire length of the truck. Luckily the driver was great, but you can imagine how embarrassed I was standing on the side of a busy highway as we waited for the police to arrive. Safe to say, I was very late to school, and all I could think was how it could have been avoided had I just paid more attention.

About Slade Bolden:

Slade Bolden is a junior wide receiver for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. He is originally from West Monroe, Louisiana, and is a Gatorade Louisiana Player of the Year award winner.

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