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You’re driving in Winter and before you know it, weather conditions get worse and you find yourself stranded or pulled over on the side of the road to avoid the snow, sleet or ice. Now what? Don’t worry! Wherever you go it’s important to prepare yourself for worst-case scenarios.  Your friends at Direct Auto Insurance offer these suggestions to help you  stay warm and keep calm when Old Man Winter interrupts your drive.

  1. Be prepared: Pack water, snacks, hand warmers, a flashlight, batteries, paper towels, and a blanket to take with you on the road. FEMA recommends having an emergency kit in your car at all times.
  2. Keep a full tank: Try to keep your gas tank at least above half a tank during Winter.
  3. Stay calm: If you get caught in road conditions that are unsafe and not drivable, when possible, pull over safely on the side of the road away from the on-coming traffic.
  4. Don’t leave: According to Wasatch Backcountry Rescue, one of the worst things you can do is leave your car. Hypothermia can set in after 10-15 minutes.
  5. 10-minute warm-up: Run your engine, but only for 10 minutes every hour. Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of any ice and snow to avoid you inhaling carbon monoxide.
  6. Stay warm: Use blankets and sit close to other passengers in the car to stay warm with body heat.
  7. Dial Roadside Assistance: Direct can help you get back on the road when you get stranded.

Sometimes weather predictions aren’t accurate enough, and drivers find themselves in hazardous driving conditions. Don’t leave anything up to chance and prepare yourself as much as you can in advance. Direct can help answer any questions you have about your coverage and how it can protect you from winter weather woes. Visit one of our local stores or give us a call at 1-877-GO-DIRECT(1-877-463-4732).


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